Newtown Budget Passes on First Referendum

"One and done."

Those were the words of a handful of Newtown officials who gathered Tuesday night to listen as vote results were read aloud after polls closed for the budget referendum.

Both the town and education budgets passed by wide margins, and officials breathed a collective sigh of relief, knowing that they would not have to go back to the drawing board to revise the spending proposals — as has been the case the past several years, punctuated in 2012 when it took five referendums before voters passed the budget.

The Results

While the budgets passed by wide margins, the turnout represented a slim number of the more than 17,000 registered voters in Newtown. Here are the results (not including absentee ballots):

Question 1 (the town budget)

  • Yes: 2,529
  • No: 729

Question 2 (town budget advisory question)

  • Yes: 540
  • No: 2,552

Question 3 (the education budget)

  • Yes: 2,385
  • No: 853

Question 4 (education budget advisory question)

  • Yes: 972
  • No: 2,124

The Budget

As approved Tuesday by voters, the 2014-15 budget of $111,066,204 represents a "zero increase" over the current budget; the Mill Rate would actually go down by an estimated 0.02% to 33.31.

The town's portion of the budget is $39,720,900, while the education side is $71,345,304.

A complete breakdown of the budget can be found here.

Gordon Dunn April 23, 2014 at 12:17 PM
Most surrounding towns have lower proper values w lower mill rates. Towns in lower fairfield county have high property values w low mill rates. In Newtown we have both high property values (but going lower) & high tax rates. Suburban towns in fairfield county and over the river in Southbury all have good schools. Southbury does have a proposed budget increase this year, but had no increase in 2 of the last 3 years. Potential home buyers in Newtown have sticker shock when they see our property taxes. Now we see our property values decreasing with for sale homes moving slow at discounted prices. On another note, how did you like paying your excise tax this year? Yes, its nicer in Newtown if you can afford to stay here!
James April 23, 2014 at 02:28 PM
Oh we are so proud of ourselves, patting each other on the back for doing such a great service to our taxpayers. Wake up Newtowner's a $112 million budget is a joke on us. Monroe residents are rejecting a $ 82 million dollar budget and were happy with our mill rate, not me. Seems like we have money for posting 30mph speed limit signs all over town, but can't fix a damn pothole !
Paul Alexander April 23, 2014 at 10:18 PM
The overall condition of the town's roads are a joke. Road maintenance and repair is a BASIC and essential municipal function yet the town prioritizes dollars elsewhere for "wants" and "wishes" while neglecting "needs". It is a failure of leadership plain and simple. First Selectman Pat Llodra will "borrow" her way out of this neglect by floating road repair bonds and then up go the taxes again. For crying out loud, vote in a biz exec as First Selectman and get rid of this lifelong public sector employee who has been elevated WELL beyond her capacities. Newtown taxpayers can no longer afford her inability to lead and manage in a tax efficient manner. "Nice lady" only gets you so far.
Paul Alexander April 23, 2014 at 10:24 PM
Oh...and you don't need to be Captain Obvious to know ahead of time that a zero increase budget will pass on the first referendum. Do it again next year and the taxpayers will believe you are serious. Jack up taxes next year and everyone will realize this year was just a bone tossed to the taxpayers to appease them.


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