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I have been blogging about mountain biking in Connecticut since 2005 on my blog Cyclesnack.  Cycle Snack is Americanized Swedish: Cykel meaning cycling and Snakken which means speak or talk, and hence Cyclesnack.   Recently, I have started Twittering about my riding activities and you can join me @cyclesnack.
While my focus started out mostly as mountain biking, when I started bike commuting in 2007, my horizons expanded to just about all facets of cycling however I haven't really dwelved into road cycling.  At some point I may get a geared road bike but right now I am having too much fun with fixed geared road bikes and commuters. Along with riding bikes, I also like to work on bikes and talk about bike maintenance.  My garage is my bike shop.  Additionally, I like to build and maintain trails and recently built a shared use (mountain bike, equestrienne, and hiking) trail at the Upper Paugussett State Forest in the north part of Newtown a couple of years ago.  I now have my sights set building more trails in Newtown and in nearby commuties.   Hope to see you on the trails or riding the roads!
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