Eric Paradis
My wife and I moved our family to Newtown a few years back after researching schools and the quality of life we wanted for our two daughters.  I am involved in the Newtown Democratic Town Committee and try to stay involved with Board of Education issues.
I have been working in the field of special education since 1987 in a variety of settings.  I have worked in residential, vocational, institutional settings.  Since 2001, I have been working in the public schools as a Special Education teacher, first in a self-contained program for students with severe emotional and behavioral challenges and then later in a public high school.  I now work in Special Education administration. You may also find me running a family board game session at the CH Booth Library every now and then.  I love playing board games with kids, real ones, not the Life-Monopoly variety, but ones that actually require thinking and strategy.  Cave Comics stocks a pretty good selection!
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