David LoPriore
Co-founder & organizer of CSAOM Newtown Acupuncture Response free community-style clinic.
The reason I subscribe to NewtownPatch is to help spread the word about our free stress-treatment clinic in Newtown.  These simple, painless, and highly-effective acupuncture treatments are ideal for anyone experiencing anxiety, depression, insomnia, tension, pain -- really any types of stress-induced dysfunctions.  There is plenty of capacity for treatment: usually there are 4-5 Licensed Acupuncturists on staff during each shift-- so please come and enjoy your free treatments, and tell everyone.  You deserve it!  And by being treated, know these two things: 1. You are not taking away a treamtent from anyone else-- there are plenty of treatments available.  Treatments are always free, and no appointment is necessary. 2. You might just encourage someone else who really needs treatment to come down and help themself out by you having done so! I am a CT State Licensed Acupuncturist with 25 years' experience and teacher of holistic wellness and martial arts with nearly 30 years' experience.  My acupuncture clinic and school, and the international headquarters of Kosho Shorei Shin Kai, which governs the teachings of the 800-year-old warrior-monk-healer art that I hold lineage in are located in the town I live in: East Lyme, CT.  See www.oldpinetree.com for more information.
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