Seaford PTA Leaders Urge Adding Programs for 2013/14 Budget

PTA presidents from all four district schools submit letter to school board outlining budget items they would like to see addressed.

With crafting of the proposed 2013/13 Seaford School District budget set to commence, PTA leaders from all four schools have joined urging the board of education to consider restoring programs cut from recent spending plans.

PTA presidents presented the school board a letter during its Thursday night meeting outlining what budget items should be included in next year's spending plan while also acknowledging the reality that the economic climate remains challenging. The Seaford School District was forced to operate on a contingency budget for the 2011-12 school year following two rejected spending proposals by voters but were able to pass last May’s $57.8 million spending plan, which still contained reductions in programs and staff.

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Some of the budget priorities PTA leaders emphasized in the letter read during the school board meeting include:

  • Limiting class sizes and reducing overcrowded classrooms.
  • Eliminating “free periods “at Seaford High School created due to the elimination of electives.
  • Restoring after school learning academies and testing review classes.
  • Restoration of full-time social workers at each elementary school building.
  • Reinstatement of Seaford Middle School athletic teams.
  • Resurrection of after school clubs and activities that have been cut.

“We bring these items, which our membership have identified, to your attention this evening, in the hope that you will take them into consideration as you continue your budget discussions,” a portion of the Seaford PTA letter read at Thursday’s night meeting stated. “We are available to have further discussion on these matters and hope that we can work in a collaborative manner to put forth a responsible budget that insures academic success for all our students at every level.”

Brian Fagan, president of the Seaford Board of Education, thanked the PTA leaders for bringing forth their recommendations and said he will pass along to the district’s budget advisory committee. The school board has until early April to adopt a budget proposal that would be put before voters on May 21.

Seaford Superintendent Brian Conboy said districts are expected to find out preliminary state aid estimates from Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s budget next week and whatever help is received from Albany will go a long way toward determining what can be funded. The district will also be limited under a tax cap law approved by the State Legislature in 2011. 

Michael G. January 19, 2013 at 03:25 PM
If you take all the fun out of school, what is left to keep students motivated? It's easier to achieve when you are having a good time working at it.
Lorraine DeVita January 19, 2013 at 04:22 PM
My question is: what exactly is the list of priorities and in what pecking order? . What do parents and taxpayers want this district to concentrate on and improve /enhance? What are you willing to SACRIFICE . Perhaps a poll, similiar to ones that other districts did last year where they polled the community thru their website and thru mailings and community meetings to find out what they want to see enhanced, expanded, improved and invested in and what the community feels should be LOWER on the list. Might give everyone better insight on what the priorties are when crafting a budget. Whatever the outcome we all must realize that taxes will be going up we just need to put emphasis on WHERE we want our money to be focused.
Lorraine DeVita January 24, 2013 at 02:44 PM
I was very pleased to see all the PTA's coming together with one voice in a very well written letter to the BOE, Adminstrators & the Unions.a first in many many years. 1100 members strong, the PTA's are urging that the Budget focus on important areas key in supporting the students education while being responsible to and cognizant of the communities financial needs and concerns. 1100 members, parents who are concerned about the quality of education and the COST of education and how budgets impact their childrens future and the financial furutre of the community. I encourage the PTA's to also send a letter similiarly written but addressed to our State Senator and our Governor voicing their concerns to the people who help craft the budget on the STATE level . 1100 voices - 1/5 of this community , more then some voter turnouts at times should be similarly joined by the Students & every org, every grp, to show that a united Seaford is GREATLY concerned about the financial impact the current funding has on everyone as well as the students. Educational funding, the disparity of educational funding in this State & all the convoluted formulas that somehow seem to cause Seaford and many districts like Seaford to continue to come out on the bottom of the money pile needs to be remediated & only one thing can do that.We need to raise holy hell on the State level "he who makes the most noise wins". Seaford needs to ROAR publicaly, loudly & often.
Concerned in Seaford March 01, 2013 at 08:11 PM
it will be very interesting to learn what just what the priorities and goals are of the Board of Ed (I think that i already know the goals of the community). This is truly a turning point for Long Island communities. While I have already heard some discussion about period reductions at the Middle and High Schools, let us not be so hasty and simply rush into that mentality. Let's use this time to establish our educational priorities as a School Board and community.
Lorraine DeVita March 02, 2013 at 01:44 PM
I just find it ironic and funny that I had posed this period reduction suggestion on the HS level to The BOE & Mr. Conboy at a BOE meeting. Conboy verbaly shot me down citing a wealth of reasons why this isnt/wasnt condusive educationaly nor feasible . NOW he is comptemplating it? Glad to see he is adaptable and i too hope if it is implemented it is done in such a way that negates all the reasons why he shot me down in the first place. MY reasoning was By reducing the periods to 8 we have the ability to INCREASE CORE CLASS time for students. ie english instead of 45 minutes would be 60 minutes, Science labs/.classes would increase 45 minutes to 60 minutes giving the student more teacher face time and classroom time. This could be and has been found to be beneficial.. HOWEVER in no case should the DAY be shortened.


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