Q&A: The Latest on the Sandy Hook School Building Project

The town releases the seventh in an ongoing series of Q&As to keep the community informed about the progress of the Sandy Hook School building project.

Svigals Partners has been named the architect/engineers for the Sandy Hook School project in Newtown, Conn. Credit: Patch File Photo
Svigals Partners has been named the architect/engineers for the Sandy Hook School project in Newtown, Conn. Credit: Patch File Photo

This is a press release from the Town of Newtown:

On May 10, 2013, the Newtown Board of Education, as members of the Sandy Hook School Task Force, endorsed the decision to remove Sandy Hook Elementary School and build a new school on a modified version of the current site. 

We will be issuing a series of Q&A documents to ensure the community is informed throughout the rebuilding process. The following Q&A document provides an update on the Sandy Hook Elementary School building project and will highlight some of the major next steps. [Editor's note: links to relevant related content have been added by Patch.]

When will demolition be complete? 

Demolition and abatement are complete. The site has been graded and stabilized for the winter.

How much did remediation and demolition cost?

  • Abatement: approximately $1.3 million 
  • Demolition: approximately $850,000

Is site security still in place?


Has the access road to the new Sandy Hook School been determined?  

No decisions have been made regarding the access road. Land acquisition efforts have been unsuccessful to date. Town government will make a final decision about the access road on Jan. 8.

Who determines the educational specifications and is that work complete?

The Board of Education and Superintendent of Schools lead the development of the educational specifications. A final determination on those specifications was made in December.

Does the community have a voice in the design of the school?

Svigals + Partners architects have conducted four community based meetings to receive input.

What are the next steps?

Next steps are to finalize the architectural and engineering drawings, complete the state review, and secure approvals needed by state agencies.

When will construction begin?

Work on an access road will begin this spring.  Actual “shovel in the ground” for the building is likely to begin in late summer/early fall.


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