Griswold School Library Needs Your Votes Right Away!!!

Library video submission selected as finalist for $60,000 prize and is currently in third place.


Griswold School's entry submission to participate in the Follett Challenge has been approved, and we have moved into the voting round of the competition. This is where the school needs your help to win $60,000. Griswold is competing against 100 other schools and is currently in third place as of Monday.

Thirty percent of the school score is based on votes. Starting now, you can vote once a day every day for six weeks. Please go to www.follettchallenge.com, search for Griswold, click on our video and vote for Griswold. When you vote, you have to type in your email address, and then confirm your email address by opening your email and clicking on the link provided in your email. Then your vote is cast!!!

Please Vote Now!

To see the Griswold School video submission, click here.


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