Dear Santa: Send Love to Newtown

Almost a year ago, Brandon Kelley from Atlanta pulled over while driving home and penned this poem for Newtown. Here it is again, in its entirety.

Photo Credit: Beatnik Photos via flickr creative commons
Photo Credit: Beatnik Photos via flickr creative commons

On Dec. 15, 2012, Brandon Kelley shared this poem with Newtown. The original can be found here and is pasted below.

Dear Santa,

You know that I write you, around this time each year.
And I know that you're busy with all the toys and reindeer.

This time I'm not asking for gifts or any Christmas snow
I'm writing to you this year cause there's something you should know.

Look through your stack of letters or perhaps use your list
I know you're oh so busy but I really must insist

There's only about 20 names that you should find.
This is my only wish this year, Santa I hope that you don't mind

Those special boys and girls whose names I do not know
They got taken away today so I'm afraid that you won't go

Those kids may not need you but their mommies surely will
Their daddies' hearts need some mending of the holes it's torn in them

So please take my presents and change them into hugs
And throw them down their chimneys with all your Christmas love.

And for the man who did this while, I want to be so cruel
Give some hugs to his family from me, because I'm sure they'll need them too

— Brandon Kelley 12/14/2012

"I know that no words have been entered into the dictionary to describe how this feels, but I hope that if enough people try, maybe some kind of peace can be found. Thinking of you and your families from Atlanta."


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