RESULTS: Current Mayor Mary DePaola Comments on the Election Results

The latest results out of Scotch Plains and Fanwood.


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Updated at 10 a.m. on Nov. 8, to include Mayor DePaola's comments.

Updated 10p.m. to include the latest results.

Democrats, Kevin Glover and Colleen Gialanella celebrated their win at a private residence on Tuesday evening.

Glover and Gialanella each received over 1,000 more votes than current mayor, Mary DePaola and current Councilman, Edward Saridaki (see charts below for exact numbers).

The two democrats noted the results indicated a defining moment for the Township of Scotch Plains.

Glover addressed supporters by saying that the election has never been about himself and Gialanella, but rather the residents of Scotch Plains.

"We will be a better Scotch Plains," Glover said.

He added that the two will be there to serve the community and move Scotch Plains forward.

Glover also stated that citizens are still hurting and the government of Scotch Plains needs to focus on getting them back on their feet. He added that he and Gialanella have a wonderful agenda to do so.

Gialanella added that she is obviously excited the democrats have won and that she is ready to get things done in Scotch Plains. 

She said she was extremely impressed by the professionalism of the Democratic Party and even more impressed with the spirit of the people of Scotch Plains. 

On a personal note, Gialanella called upon her opponent, Edward Saridaki, stating he was a gentleman throughout the election process to both her and her children.

"He should definitely be commended," she said.

Glover called on the wonderful people in the community of Scotch Plains and announced that the residents need leadership, indicating he and Gialanella are there to give it to them.

Democratic Committee Chairman, Lou Beckerman, said Scotch Plains' was ready for a change.

He stated he was thrilled the campaign was a success and is looking forward to the leadership of Glover and Gialanella.

Updated to include Mayor DePaola's comments:

Current Mayor, Mary DePaola, said her biggest regret and disappointment was that she let so many fantastic people down.

DePaola said that she had a great group of people working with her on the campaign and letting them down was very sad. 

"Usually there is some fundamental flaw with a candidate," she said. "I accept that responsbility."

Additionally, DePaola said once she found out the results she called Glover to congratulate him.

DePaola said she has seen Glover many times since the election and he is working with the township for an easy transition in January. She stated that the two will continue to work together throughout the year.

Republican Chairman, Martin Marks, felt the results were strongly influenced by the storm and electricity issues.

He pointed out that prior to the storm polling was conducted and the Republican candidates were in the lead.

Marks said he cannot blame residents for taking into consideration the power issues. Adding that it is irrational and unfortunate, but understandable.

"People are hurting out there," he said.

He also expressed that due to the weather issues, he felt residents took other issues off the table.

Marks closed by saying on behalf of the Republican party, "We're disappointed, without a doubt."

For the Scotch Plains-Fanwood Board of Education, Betty Anne Woerner, Karen Kulikowski and Trip Whitehouse won as uncontested incumbents.

Scotch Plains Results

Race Democrats Results Republicans Results President Obama 5755 Romney 4735 Mayor Kevin Glover 5611 Mary DePaola 4161 Council Colleen Gialanella 5514 Edward Saridaki


Senate Menendez 5328 Kyrillos 4231

Scotch Plains also voted in Favor of House Representitive, Rush Holts.

For a look at the Freeholder election, check here. The democrats keep control over the Freeholder board.

Fanwood Results

Democrats win in the race for two council seats in Fanwood. 

Race Democratic Results Republican Results

Council Jack Molenaar

Mike Szuch 1454 Dan Levine 1660 Robert Manduca  1426

Original Story

Update: The Office of Emergency Management brought lights inside of Park Middle School, as well as outside, to keep the polling place well lit for voters after nightfall. 

Although many residents of Scotch Plains and Fanwood are still without power, the polls are still open for those ready to go out and vote for the 2012 election.

In Scotch Plains, current Mayor, Mary DePaola(Republican) is running for re-election against council member, Kevin Glover (Democrat).

For council, Democratic candidate, Colleen Gialanella is running against Republican incumbent, Edward Saridaki.

In Fanwood, current council members and Republicans, Robert Manduca and Mike Szuch are running for re-election against Democrats, Jack Molenaar and Dan Levine.

Patch covered the most recent debates of the Fanwood and Scotch Plains candidates.

Where the Fanwood Candidates Stand on:

  • Consolidation and Shared Services
  • and

Where the Scotch Plains candidates stand:

  • Consolidation and Shared Services
  • The Special Improvement District (SID)
  • Sewer Utility Fee

Residents voting at Terrill Middle School voiced their excitement about going out to vote. Each resident Patch spoke with said a powerless home would not stop them from participating in election day.

Sonali Phatak, a teacher at Park Middle School, said having to wait until tonight to find out the winner was very nerve-wracking. 

She added that she believes Obama might win but knows the race is extremely close.

Phatak wouldn't say which candidate she is excited for, but it was clear that she was very excited and anxious to find out the results.

Other residents also expressed they felt Obama would win, despite if they were for him or not.

One resident yelled outside Terrill Middle School that the hoped they get rid of the current president.

Residents such as Dori D'Aloisio, her mother and Cindy Fleischer commented on the hurricane. The three woman all told Patch that although living without power for so long has been an inconvenience, that you have to put into perspective all of the families who have it much worse, some without homes to even return to.

Perspective was a word used a lot at both Park and Terrill Middle Schools, where voters turned out to cast their ballot despite having homes without electricity.

Pat and Warren McFall commented on how well run Terrill Middle School was in handling voters, especially those displaced from Coles, such as themselves.

The couple was a little confused as where to go since they are not used to voting at Terrill, but they said the system was very well organized and the poll worked were very helpful.

The McFall's added that they are very glad to see most of the schools have power and hope that all the children could get back to school soon.

Pat also mentioned that hurricane wouldn't stop them from voting, she even brought her 94-year-old mother to vote in Summit. 

On Facebook, Twitter and in the Patch comments, some residents said the handling of the hurricane in Scotch Plains definitely impacted they way they voted for the local election.

However, at the polling places, most residents were just eager to cast their votes for the next President of the United States.

Tell us in the comments if the efforts post-Sandy impacted the way you voted in the local election.

Patch has been covering the candidates since they announced their canadacy. You can find our election guide here.

For a link out to all of our previous election coverage visit our Scotch Plains-Fanwood Elections 2012 page.

Keep checking back with scotchplains.patch.com, we will update this article with new information and the results as soon as we receive them!


Chester A. Arthur November 08, 2012 at 05:15 PM
I mean really. This whole town stinks of cronyism. Was he even qualified for the job to begin with? http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/cronyism
Mike Hawk November 08, 2012 at 08:15 PM
Didn't former Mayor Nancy Malool appoint her husband to the OEM position a few years back? Does not that sound like cronyism???
neveragain November 08, 2012 at 08:38 PM
Read the updated article on his firing. It provides details. He was originally appointed by Marks. But cronyism still, since at that time Nancy was a full partner in Team Marty.
Rick Sands November 09, 2012 at 08:04 PM
So the Dems get their shot now. Mayor-Elect Glover has been a pretty big mud slinger too over the years & as much part of the nastiness as the GOP people slammed in these comments.. I just want my power back on Montague Ave and all the small time small town ugliness to end. ENOUGH already. Lots of luck to the new leaders & hopefully lessons learned
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