Is It Time For Newtown's People To Be Heard? POLL UPDATE

You can now vote on each question! Wayne Addessi thinks it is time for the town's leaders to listen to the residents, and offers a poll.


Is there a chance for a survey? Will our town officials engage with residents? With all the discussion, postings, letters to the editor and more negative comments and nasty bantering from a few with regard to the past four referendums, it’s time to direct our collective energy to constructive questions directed to our residents and ask our town officials to engage with us openly, candidly and constructively.

I highly urge our town officials to quickly organize a town forum. An “open mic” town hall style forum where folks can ask questions, engage with our elected officials and expect responsive solutions . After four failed referendums, it would very refreshing to engage our town officials. Also, in an attempt to manage such a forum respectfully, perhaps a small group of volunteer moderators would take notes and sort out some real concerns we do have.

Some of the questions we have should include how effective is Newtown's fire, police, EMS, public works and other support services? Are the schools doing a good job? How do we feel about proposed bond programs to support public works, school and other purposes? How satisfied are residents? How do we get to know this? A survey is one option. Engaging all is another, not for one meeting though. A series of meetings would be ideal.

Newtown is not alone from other towns and cities without information and feedback from the vast majority of our town’s residents. A relatively small number of vocal residents typically attend town council meetings and provide suggestions and feedback. Yes, their opinions and feedback are often biased and represent their own personal interests, which are frequently different than the opinions of the majority of residents.

What do we need to do? It’s time for better communication with from our town government and until now there has been little effort , but my goal is to see change. I have written a few questions below in an attempt to gain some sort of understanding of what hopefully many will respond to.


A few questions for the voters…

Thomas Crafts July 03, 2012 at 12:21 AM
PO will not acknowledge Paul, because it makes her look selfish.
Christine Rose July 03, 2012 at 01:41 AM
Coming up in the morning. Almost done.
The Bearded One July 03, 2012 at 01:46 AM
I think a series of "townhall style meetings" would be beneficial. These meetings could be held at the various schools across the town.
C J Marion July 05, 2012 at 12:02 PM
Wayne, thank you for the poll. While not scientific I believe the responses do represent the feeling of the people. A zero budget increase is the only way I can vote yes. Also, I don't believe splitting the vote between the the town and the school would work; a "yes" or "no" would become even more political than it already is today (if that is possible).
Lois Imbriano Barber September 02, 2012 at 03:35 PM
LOL I remember last time around, the politicians were saying the budget was defeated because people wanted to spend MORE money for the schools. What a spin on reality. The school budget is a sham - MILLIONS were spent on additions to the high school and only 1 year after completion, the town wanted to close the 5 year-old Reed School because the student population dropped. Why didn't they just take to Freshmen out of the HS and move them to the Middle School instead of spending all that taxpayer $? Was the figure for the HS addition 150 million? I started HS in the 10th grade. I attended Junior High during my freshmen year. There was nothing wrong with that then, and there's nothing wrong with it now. Most of the money sunk into our high school was for gyms, not for scholastic subjects. The new cafeteria would not have been needed if the Freshmen class was at the middle school. I would vote 'yes' to the budget if the school board had some common sense. PS - I have 3 children and vote 'no'.


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