Introducing OneNewtown.org: Town's New Recovery Website

There's a new website for Newtown devoted specifically to recovery from the Dec. 14 shooting and its aftermath.

Onenewtown.org went live May 22 with blogs from First Selectman Pat Llodra and trauma expert Jill Barron, and promises a wealth of resources on "bring[ing] information on our recovery together together in one place."

"Onenewtown.org is focused on connection and communication, being engaged with one another and sharing experiences that refresh and inspire us," said Llodra. "Our hope is that the site will be a key source for critical and timely information on our recovery, promote community participation, and detail our collective path forward."

Onenewtown.org also features a "resilience corner," currently showing a blog post from Barron, a trauma expert brought in to assist with Newtown's recovery.

"I will continue to facilitate discussions with leadership and community members around how Newtown will choose to collectively move forward," said Barron. "These discussions will inform programming along the short, intermediate, and long term."

The site is "different from the town site, which focuses on the town's business," according to a release from Newtown Program Recovery Leader Anne Alzapiedi. According to the release, a GE Capital User Experience Team in Michigan helped design the site. It also includes links to funds, mental health resources, upcoming town events and a blog from Llodra.

"I am inspired everyday by our progress in Newtown, with our resilience and that we have a path forward to recovery," she writes in her initial post. "This website is just one way we hope to inform and inspire."


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