Fairfield Hills Authority Discusses New Ambulance Building, Victory Garden

Members talk about future projects and relocating existing ones, as well as STEAP grant.

During the February 15, 2012 regular meeting of the Fairfield Hills Authority, members and others discussed several issues regarding the campus. Among those were the recently awarded grant money, the location for a new ambulance building and moving the site for the Victory Garden.


According to the meeting minutes, First Selectman Pat Llodra said the details are not final yet, but the funds from the Small Town Economic Assistance Program (STEAP) will be used to finish curbing and lighting along Keating Farms Road, as well as upgrade existing roadwork and sidewalks. In late December 2011, the state awarded $400,000 to Newtown via STEAP to improve infrastructure at FFH.

Ambulance Building

Bruce Herring of the Newtown Volunteer Ambulance Association presented the first set of drawings of the new ambulance building that is being proposed for the low meadow area along Wasserman Way. The group discussed the possibility of signage for cars traveling on Wasserman Way from the direction of Route 25. 

Arts Festival Fundraising

Donna Monteleone-Randle of the Newtown Cultural Arts Commission presented the group's fundraising efforts for the September arts festival. The idea is to have sponsors purchase benches for the campus. The authority delegated further research on what type of benches are suitable and comply with the Campus Landscape Guidelines.

Victory Garden

Harvey Pessin, who began the Victory Garden last year to donate fresh produce to the town's food pantries, updated the FFH Authority on the project. He noted that there may be a grant to provide for the planting of an orchard. He is meeting with the director of land use to determine if there is a larger plot of the campus that would accommodate the garden and orchard.

Tarren Horvath presented his Eagle Scout project for a message board and information center at the Victory Garden. This sign would be portable so it could be moved if the location changes.

To read the full minutes, click here to be redirected to the town website.


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