Council Settles on Guiding Principles

Legislative Council issues its list of guiding principles as members settle into their new terms.

The Legislative Council issued the following list of "guiding principles" during its Wednesday meeting at the as new members start to settle into their new two-year terms.

The list originally was to have been identified as the council's goals but because they are not all measurable, members settled upon "guiding principles" as a better phrase.

For the next meeting, council members, who , are to discuss what steps or tasks they intend to undertake in furtherance of these guiding principles.

Council Guiding Principles

Capital Expenditures: Limit capital expenditures to those items that are essential to the needs of the town and prudent based upon current financial environment.

Budgeting: Sound, fiscally responsible budgets that are understandable and acceptable to the taxpayer shall be presented at referendum. Budgets and the budgeting process shall be transparent to the taxpayer. In an effort to reduce the burden of property taxes, the council shall play an active role petitioning our state legislators to eliminate unfunded mandates and to see alternate, less burdensome tax policies.

Economic Development: Responsible, focused economic development shall be encouraged that is: complementary to our municipal plans, aimed at broadening our tax base and increasing revenues without burdening scarce municipal resources.

Charter Review: Review the Charter of the Town of Newtown and recommend to the voters the few important changes that will make government leaner, more efficient and responsive to voters.

Per Charter section 5-01c Review purchasing regulations.


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