Campaign Notebook: McMahon's Camp Says Murphy Too Loyal to Dems

Daily news and updates from the campaign trail in Connecticut.


The upcoming primary will settle who’s running for Senate in Connecticut, but GOP frontrunner Linda McMahon is already taking aim at Chris Murphy, who leads Democrats in the polls.

Murphy talked of his work on the Center Aisle Caucus, reports the Hartford Courant. The group of congressmen work towards easing partisanship. McMahon’s campaign says Murphy's record proves otherwise.

"Try as he might, Congressman Murphy can't hide the fact that he voted with his party 98 percent of the time he has been in Washington,'' Corey Bliss, campaign manager for McMahon, was quoted as saying.

Fourth District

President Barack Obama wants to raise taxes on the wealthiest. The Associated Press talked to U.S. Rep Jim Himes about what to do with the nation’s tax code, especially since many of his constituents in Fairfield County are wealthy. His opponent, Steve Obsitnik, said raising taxes on people making $250,000 would negatively impact the economy and small business owners.

John Munro July 25, 2012 at 10:49 AM
McMahon is right. There is absolutely nothing in Murphy's background that shows he has any idea about what is necessary to help grow the economy. His solution so far has been to follow his leadership by further burdening his constituents and their children with ever increasing debts so that the "chosen" can avoid the effects of the economic downturn. Anyone who runs even a household budget knows that buy now pay later is a sure path to catastrophe. Let's face it Murphy has no original thoughts and does what he is told. This makes him a sycophant of the first order.


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