Newtown Ballot Question Passes By Wide Margin [Updated]

Voters approve a change to the Town Charter so they will now vote separately on an education budget and a municipal budget instead of just on one lump sum.


According to results released by Democratic Registrars of Voters LeReine Frampton, the Newtown electorate overwhelmingly supported a ballot question to revise the charter so residents will now vote separately on education and municipal budget requests.

Still, the number of votes cast on the ballot question represented a small percentage of actual voters who turned out to the polls yesterday, with verall turnout estimated to be about 80 percent. The tallies for the ballot question are:

  • Yes: 831
  • No: 212

Votes on the separate budget requests will be binding, so if one passes, only the other would be put back to a vote. Furthermore, the vote will include questions that are designed to help inform town and school officials' decisions about how to revise a budget request, if it in fact fails.

The original reports follows:

Picking candidates they want to represent them isn't the only decision Newtown voters will have to make today. Each voter will also be asked a ballot question whether they think the town should adopt a bifurcated budget, in which votes would be cast separately for the education budget and the town budget.

The proposed change to the Town Charter came about after consideration by a committee as a means to avoid a drawn-out budget approval process like the town experienced this year, when it took five times to adopt a budget.

Each voter will be supplied with a piece of paper in the voting booth that explains the ballot question. The base text of the ballot question reads as follows:

Approval of this question will modify Section 6-14a, b & c of the Charter to provide that the Annual Budget will be voted on in two parts; one for the Town budget, and one for the Board of Education budget. In the event one question fails and one is adopted, the question which passes will be considered adopted. Any failed question or questions will be resubmitted to the voters of the Town by means of successive referenda until passed by a majority of those voting. The present Charter language, which requires that the failed budget be submitted to a Town Meeting after two failed referendums, is eliminated.

Approval of this question will also provide for two advisory non-binding questions to be placed on the ballot as follows:

“Do you deem the proposed sum of $___ to be appropriated for the Board of Selectmen as too low?”

“Do you deem the proposed sum of $___ to be appropriated for the Board of Education as too low?”

Grandma Rosa November 06, 2012 at 10:17 PM
Take some responsibility to LEARN about what is on the ballots. You spend a great part of your life on Patch, and the info was right here if only you would open your eyes and your mind! http://newtown.patch.com/articles/ballot-question-decides-fate-of-charter-revision-for-budget-votes
ralph November 06, 2012 at 10:57 PM
Hey Grandma its supposed to be supplied at the polls, what don't you understand about that.
Bob Attanasio November 07, 2012 at 09:00 AM
No handouts at HOM when I voted around 630am
Sue Conrod November 07, 2012 at 03:54 PM
I voted at Reed School and this was on the ballot. I read about it in the Newtown Bee, I received a postcard in the mail informing me what the vote would be about. That there were 4 parts to this change and what each part meant. It's about time this was done and I appreciate the time that the people who were on the committee took and the heat they have taken over the years to get this brought up and voted on. It's about time. If you want to stop the runaway spending on education, now you can have your vote. The Town has been cutting back for year's education just keeps asking for more and more money even as enrollment decreases. Should be real interesting spring on the budget this year.
Please Check November 09, 2012 at 12:13 AM
These numbers don't match what the Newtown Bee has. Please check on them, the vote could not count with that amount of the town voting.


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