Ryan Lanza, Wrongly Named As Mass Murderer, Left To Grieve

Hoboken man learns his brother killed 27 people, including their mother.


Ryan Lanza was at his job in Manhattan on Friday when news outlets began to report that he had massacred 20 school children in Newtown.

The reports said Lanza, a 24-year-old Quinnipiac University graduate, had murdered someone in his Hoboken apartment and then drove to Newtown, Conn., where he used a .223 caliber rifle to kill 27 people before turning the gun on himself.

The dead included his mother, Nancy, a kindergarten teacher.

Lanza's thoughts quickly went to his developmentally disabled younger brother, Adam, who he began to fear may have been responsible for the violence at Sandy Hook elementary school, friends said.

As media reports continued to name Ryan Lanza as the shooter and plastered his face across world, he took to Facebook and told friends he was not the man responsible for the brutal slaying.

"Oh my god, I think my mother is dead," he wrote, a friend told Patch.

Ryan Lanza and his roommate were being questioned Friday night at Hoboken Police headquarters. Neither have been charged with any crime, Hoboken Police Captain Jim Fitzsimmons said.

"Ryan is in shock," a close friend, Brett Wilshe, told Patch.

Lanza works at a financial company in the city, Ernst & Young, and lives in a five-story brick building on Grand Street, known as "The Metropolitan."

Media outlets quickly scrambled to "The Metropolitan," where Hoboken police gathered with FBI agents. Initial reports said that someone was killed at the apartment and that Lanza's girlfriend was missing. As curiosity grew from onlookers and media members, police draped yellow police tape around the perimeter, closing both sides of Grand Street just after 2:30 p.m.

No bodies were found inside the building, Fitzsimmons said.

Lanza was planning to head to Connecticut after hearing about the shooting, friends told Patch.

Those who know the Hobokenite, described as "nice" and committed to his friends, were also shocked by the news.

"At first you're devastated that 30 people were shot to death," friend Katie Colaneri told Patch. "And then you find out it's someone that you know, that you've met, that you've hugged. And you don't know whether to feel angry or sad. You find out your friend is alive but caught up in this mess. It's incredible."

"He's not a guy capable of shooting up a school," another friend of Ryan's told Patch Friday afternoon.

Alex January 24, 2013 at 02:34 PM
This is what happens when outsiders post on a website that is spefically meant for people who live in Newtown. If you think this didn't actually happen, or that there was some "conspiracy," then your either delusional or an idiot. See the members of our grieving community with your own eyes before you make an idiotic post. Or a better idea, and I think I speak for all Newtowners when I say this......go away, and post on your own news websites.
Craig Zac January 24, 2013 at 02:37 PM
thats another thing...all these nuts who are saying the greiving parents are paid actors and all those who harrassed that guy who took in the kids till police arrived... whats wrong with all of you? Do you really thinnk that would fly with the people of the town? that they dont know whos who and whats what? really? Paid actors? and their "Evidence" is so flimsy that if this were a trial and they were the attourney and introduced this so called "Evidence" the Judge would likly stand up, take out his own machine gun and shoot them just for bringing stupidity into the courtroom!
G January 25, 2013 at 12:52 AM
Speaking of conspiracy theorists, Sheila is back! Really Sheila? Didn't I already thank you for the teddy bear you dropped off at one of the makeshift memorials? Would you like your bear back? I'd be happy to buy you a new one if it will keep you off this site. I'm with Alex T on this one. This is not the forum for your ideas. Please find someplace else to espouse you theories.
G January 25, 2013 at 01:27 AM
Sheila - You've made more than enough posts about Gene Rosen and how everyone in the town of Newtown is, in your words, "nuts"!!
unknownauthor January 25, 2013 at 04:34 AM
Ryan sorry for your loss


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