Police: Intoxicated Driver Crashed Car With Child Inside

Neither the driver nor the child were injured in the Route 34 crash, police say.

Newtown Police say a Southbury woman was carrying narcotics and driving under the influence with a child in the car when she crashed on Berkshire Road Thursday morning.

According to reports, Laura Crisp, 27, of Southbury was heading east on Berkshire Road when she missed a curve near Checkerberry Lane, going off the westbound shoulder and onto an embankment. After driving along the embankment for 168 feet, her car rolled and landed on the passenger side, back on Berkshire Road.

Police say Crisp was operating under the influence, carrying both narcotics and paraphernalia, and had a child in the car with her during the accident. Neither the driver nor the child were injured.

She was arrested at about 12:59 a.m. on a litany of charges including Failure to Keep Right on a Curve and Risk of Injury to a Child. She will face a Jan. 7 court date, police say.

Reports are based on information provided by the Newtown Police Department. Arrests are not indications of guilt.


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