How Did Doris Ziedenweber End Up Dead in a Freezer?

She recorded her life on her Facebook page.

What brought Doris Ziedenweber to that ramshackle Chatsworth bungalow and her death in a freezer?

The 32-year-old from Simi Valley once worked at the LAVA Sports Lounge in Thousand Oaks, according to her Facebook page. Friends called her Dori. And she was on the move. On April 10 she was in North Hollywood and having an online dispute over updaid debit, according to her Facebook page. On April 11 she wrote that she just got out of jail.

LocalCrimeNews.com reported a Doris Ziedenweber was held on $55,000 bond in Hanford, CA, for allegedly "giving false information to a peace officer," and "inflict[ing] corporal injury on spouse/cohabitant." No details were immediately available.

And by July 1 she was back home in Simi Valley.

As recently as July 26 Dori was being squeezed again. Writing on her Facebook page, she pleaded with her 572 Facebook "friends" for a place to live.

"ATTENTION:::::::::::Hey everyone....does anyone got a room to rent or can they let me stay untill the 1st? I am in a tough spot right now and im worried as hell of being on the streeets!!!!...if anyone can help me out for a few days I would appreciate it please call 818 [phone number redacted] thanks so much!"

Typing on a library computer she had a Facebook conversation with a friend, begging for a place to stay:

"u would be saving my life im so scared."

"i would need to get picked up then its impossible for me to move my stuff its just one suitcase but its like 300 lbs...im very weak cause i have been eating nothing for days and ive lost a bunch more weight i weigh 115 at 5'9 im boney"

"and its too dangerous here i dont wanna be left alone even for a minute i almost got raped the other night"

Her friend agreed to pick her up in two hours, but they didn't agree on a location. And there was no access to a telephone. That was the end of her messages.

The next we hear about Dori, the police are responding Aug. 16 to a dead body in a rented home in the 10800 block of Old Santa Susana Pass Road in Chatsworth. Locals have already told Patch that the body was in a freezer, but the police decline to confirm.

Her sister told Patch in an email that Dori had only been living with the suspect, a 70-year-old man, for about two weeks.

By Friday, LAPD Devonshire Division Captain Kris Pitcher is telling reporters that Dori's body showed defensive wounds. She had battled for her life.

And the man who called 911 to report the death? He was was arrested on suspicion of murder, Pitcher said. Police declined to reveal his name.

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leanna August 28, 2012 at 09:46 PM
Nicole. I fill exactly the same. I think people who really don't know her and have nothing nice to say they should keep there comments to themselfs. We will all be giving eachother hugs on Thursday. And just talk about amazing things dori did and how special she was to all of us.
Prettichococat August 28, 2012 at 09:54 PM
Sounds like "Tee InvitationLady" could possibly have Manson ties with that kind of comment she left.
Nicole( Niki )Crawford Arango August 28, 2012 at 10:02 PM
Amy I totally agree ! I don't know how many times we would get mad at each other in the past 20 years but we always came back to each other. Like real friends do. I remember we went to the Simi Valley Days fair and the ride got stuck upside down for what seemed like forever , we screamed our heads off and were scared shitless but we talked about that one for years! Glad you have good memories too. Just hold those memories close. <3
Nicole( Niki )Crawford Arango August 28, 2012 at 10:09 PM
Thank you Leanna... maybe we should wear name tags :-) she was more awesome then she even knew . <3
Colby August 29, 2012 at 12:48 AM
My heart is broken for Dori's Lost... :'( I know she Loved Faith & Mason so much! And She will still be with them, Always! For you heartless/Insensitive people out there with nothing Good to say.. Rid yourselves of this topic... Rest in Heavenly Peace Dori with Love! ~ My heart goes out to her Family<3


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