Connecticut Begins Special Truck Enforcement Effort Tuesday

The three-day truck, bus safety inspections throughout Connecticut are part of National “Roadcheck” Program.


Truckers and bus drivers beware — The Department of Motor Vehicles and Connecticut State Police beginning Tuesday, June 3, will launch its annual three-day annual truck-safety enforcement and education blitz around the state as part of Roadcheck 2014.

Patrols and enforcement of commercial trucks and motor coaches will occur in high-crash zones, including areas of Routes 91, 95, 84, 395 as well as along local roads. DMV and State Police will also staff various weigh stations in the state to checks trucks as the cross the border into Connecticut.

Here are the details as provided by the CT Department of Motor Vehicles:

DMV Commercial Vehicle Safety enforcement officers and State Police will raise awareness about the need for truck safety and educate drivers and their companies about safety requirements.  Spot checks will be performed on unsafe trucks and motor coaches, and traffic enforcement will be increased on commercial motor vehicles. 

"Roadcheck serves as an important reminder to truck and bus companies that safety should be their top priority,” DMV Commissioner Currey said.  “Drivers and companies who violate critical safety laws and regulations will face serious consequences such as fines and out-of-service orders for vehicles and drivers.”

DMV and State Police enforcement officers have a lengthy checklist that is reviewed on each vehicle. Each review can take up to an hour to complete. Included in the checks are:

  • Proper tires.
  • Safely functioning brakes.
  • Systems for securing a load so that it stays in place while being transported.
  • Working lights.
  • Whether a driver has exceeded the federal limits on the number of hours allowed for driving.
  • Whether a driver is fatigued.
  • Properly completed log books.
  • Conformance with height and weight requirements for the vehicle. 

“The 2014 Roadcheck Operation enhances highway and roadway safety all across Connecticut,” said Department of Emergency Services Public Protection Commissioner Dr. Dora Schriro.  “Our State Troopers and DMV Safety Enforcement Officers will ensure that commercial vehicles and buses are safe to travel on our roads for the protection of all.”

The Connecticut campaign, which is run through the DMV, is part of the nationwide show of force June 3-5 sponsored by the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and their various partners across the U.S., Canada and Mexico.

Arbie June 03, 2014 at 10:23 PM
William, I'm from what was known as the Constitution State but is becoming the Communist State. I never said the drivers were I'm from are exceptional....
John June 03, 2014 at 11:07 PM
Why don't we all just go back to driving school? Wait one min if the state tropes did there job and give tickets to the people on the left lane that are not passing maybe people would get the message. But nope there to busy doing what? Just driving by at great speed.
Kurt Knapp June 04, 2014 at 06:42 AM
It must be time to send out the uniformed tax collectors under the guise of, "safety".
Charles Dippold June 04, 2014 at 07:23 AM
Its all B.S. and a money maker for the state.. My friends small business has a BRAND NEW 5days old off the dealership Gmc 3500 flatbed. Not a big truck just an everyday work truck. Yesterday they went through his truck for 40 mins and issued him $280 in tickets for "defective equipment issues" ON A BRAND NEW OFF THE LOT TRUCK!! BULLSHIT. They determined for one that his mirrors didnt give enough visibility. And he should have a back-up alarm...???? On a pickup truck??? Gimmee a break. Its about $ money not safety.
Igor June 04, 2014 at 08:06 AM
Sorry since you stated that the average Ct. and NY. drivers can't drive properly. I naturally thought since you can you must be from another state. Folks Ct. is not by it's self. Go through some of the southern states and you have state troopers coming out of the trees. I swear I thought I saw one with a parachute on his back.


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