Rep. Lohmer: Minn. Doesn't Need a Shutdown, or Higher Taxes

Rep. Kathy Lohmer (R-Lake Elmo) calls on Gov. Dayton to call the Legislature back to work.

With just days remaining before a government shutdown, legislative leaders and I continue our call for Governor Dayton to bring us back to work.

Minnesota does not need a government shutdown, and Minnesota does not need higher taxes. During the regular session the legislature passed a complete budget that increases state spending within government's means, and since the Governor vetoed our budget leadership has continually offered compromise proposals that meet many of Gov. Dayton's requests. Negotiations continue, but it is not yet clear whether the Governor will move from his tax-and-spend approach to a compromise position.
On our end, compromise offers include: an additional $80 million for K-12 education (on top of the 3.2% total K-12 funding increase in the original budget); increased funding for public safety and the judiciary by another $30 million; and proposed removal of our tax relief measures in exchange for the Governor dropping his income tax hike. Unfortunately all of these offers were met with swift rejection. 
Yesterday I joined legislative leadership from both the House and Senate, Mayor Ken Harycki, and others at a press conference to point out the damage a government shutdown holds for our community and others across the state.

We addressed reporters in front of the Stillwater Lift Bridge, which potentially could close during a government shutdown. The impact this would have on our residents, hospitals and ambulance drivers, and downtown economy is severe. The bridge is an illustration of why we do not need a government shutdown, and why the governor must call us back to work so we can finish our job for the people of Minnesota. 

I will keep you updated as negotiations between legislative leadership and the Governor continue. It appears progress is being made, but the Governor must understand that we will not raise taxes on Minnesota families and job creators. In the coming days, your input and involvement is as important as ever. So please, do not hesitate to contact me with your thoughts, feedback or questions.

You can also call Governor Dayton at 651-201-3400 and tell him to call the Legislature back to work. We're ready and waiting, and like you, looking forward to creating a stronger Minnesota for us all.  

mark anderson June 28, 2011 at 10:07 PM
The legislature just doesn't get it. The Republican position is very probably the right one, but the fact is that its a divided government where the "other guy" has an insurmountable veto. COMPROMISE. I hate higher taxes and won't vote for Dayton, BUT, he's the man for now. A shutdown is stupid, expensive, and will produce a serious voter backlash. That much is a promise. M. Anderson
Amy Paddock July 04, 2011 at 01:45 PM
This is the second shutdown in Minnesota in the past 6 years. Our state was once able to work together, but this nations political climate has slowly (or perhaps more aggressively) taken over Minnesota. No matter what side you are on in politics, it has gotten out of hand. I know that the Republicans did some pretty crazy things that I was hoping not to see from those who work for Minnesota. One was that they used numbers other then what was official. Why would they use numbers from some entity that had no idea of what the real numbers where? Strange indeed, but I have seen this being done in other states as well. Gov. Dayton made cuts, he is not "for" spending. You are construing the facts. I have read both sides of the budget, and cuts had to be made, but you also do not borrow money if you don't have to, and in the last round that is partly what the republicans came up with. Now, if you need to find revenue and the only way to do is to raise taxes for a small period of time, then you have to. It makes sense, and although I am favor of keeping taxes low on any income, this nation and this state as been hit hard and it is time for everyone to pitch in and do what makes sense. This should not be about ideological party building, it should be about the State and the people within it. Minnesotans top incomes pay less taxes then those who are still left in the "middle class" income bracket. Raising property taxes (again) isn't going to work.


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