'Off With Their Heads!'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

BROOKFIELD: "Very heartbreaking to hear about parents actually capable of setting the WORST example ever. How can we expect our children to be compassionate if we don't show them on a regular basis what compassion is!? For my husband and I it's as important, if not more, to teach our children how to be kind and caring human beings than to be star students or athletes. To call a child the night before an event like that and completely break his heart with a well thought out line of crap like that is inconceivable!!! EPIC FAIL DAD!! We don't always get it right and sometimes we fail in our efforts with the kids. But loving your neighbor and extending kindness and compassion on a regular basis is the easiest thing to teach our children. Not to mention the rewards are endless." wrote this in response to an opinion piece by Heather Borden Herve about her

DARIEN: "These are some of the EXACT same items cut from the budget when they we're building the school, we could have done it then, or do it now at a way higher cost... once again we made the wrong choice. All of these energy savings would be great... but as soon as some parents have their way and we have stadium lights we'll be right back to square 1." wrote this in response to news of a , which could save roughly $244,708 in electricity and heating costs each year for 18 years, according to the consultants' preliminary estimates.

MONROE: "This is utter nonsense. There are crimes that are so depraved and disgusting that the perpetrators deserve nothing but death. Our jails are full, and the criminals are treated as if they have rights. When you choose to break the law, to commit acts that require your liberty to be taken away, you lose the rights of citizens, but our government has gone soft and give criminals in jail comforts. And now, the hardest of criminals, instead of getting the death penalty they earned, they get to be allowed to live in prisons, with the taxpayer footing the bill so they can have television and have other comforts. I'm sick of this, how do you tell a victim's family that they will never see their loved one again because of a depraved, heinous individual, but that depraved, heinous individual gets to live out a natural life. SICKENING!!!" wrote this in response to news that the

NEWTOWN: "Off with their heads! Seriously - Good (Great) kids make mistakes. The consequences should be proportional - not life altering. We are bombarded with the pabulum that is all about not wanting to hurt a kid's self-image, yet we want to send certain messages to "teach kids a lesson." If this would have happened a few weeks from now, the first response would have been to prohibit attendance at the prom or even at graduation. Common sense please." wrote this in response to news that police broke up a party at a Pond Brook Road residence Saturday night and found


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