'I Hate to Admit This... But Why Not Derek Jeter?'

The best of today's comments from Patch account-holders in your town and neighboring communities.

DARIEN: "Outrageous! As a Christian this is totally outrageous that any Jew would be treated this way! They are commanded by the Lord to put the scripture on their doorposts, how dare anyone challenge their right to do so. I am appalled that they need a "new law" to protect their Constitutional rights! This is a First Amendment right!" wrote this in response to news that Senate Majority Leader Martin M. Looney (D-New Haven) supports

FAIRFIELD: "Sorry, but I disagree. When you buy a condo or become part of a homeowner's association, you agree to the rules about outside decoration. I don't think they should have made an issue over it but the rules are the rules she agreed to when she bought the place. The idea that we need a bill to decide what a private land owner does is ridiculous." Patrick Lucas wrote this on Fairfield Patch's Facebook page in response to the .

RIDGEFIELD: “I hate to admit this..........But why not Derek Jeter?” Michael Malbin wrote this on Ridgefield Patch's Facebook page in response to a question asking

TRUMBULL: "Tell the children this could very well be their final season of childhood. I pledge to shoot some hoops with them when these idiots cast lots and require midnight basketball for five year olds." wrote this in response to news that the under a proposal the school board approved Tuesday night.

WILTON: "Is anyone else getting a little distraught over all the DUI's on Rt. 7 and around town? Just how stupid must someone be to be driving drunk, no license, no insurance, etc.? Does everyone get their license from Sears mail order or they just don't get them? Why would we release someone on a promise to appear when they can't observe any laws as it is!" wrote this in response to news of an accident involving an


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