Evidence points to other assailants not Lanza. There is no way Nancy Lanza owned a Saiga 12 gage shot gun.

Sedensky has this far been unable to  produce a shred of evidence against Lanza and I believe it is because the evidence points to others.

Based on review of the police transmissions and view of helicopter video
and reports we have the following indicators of multiple suspects.
1. Two shadows reported running behind the school where police confronted them on Crestwood
2. Armed off Duty SWAT officer taken out of the woods in hand cuffs
3.Multiple personnel fleeing police into the woods on helicopter video
4. Parents arriving imminently after the attack reported that all doors on the suspect's car were opened.
Police report a purple van with multiple suspects wearing ski masks and
a nun outfit. The Danbury news Times Tweeted that police surrounded a
van of that description on Crosby St. What happened ?
6. CBS reporter indicated a potential second shooter was taken into custody and SWAT was being deployed to his house.
7. SWAT was deployed to a house on Philo Curtis Rd
Initial Officer on the scene reports "multiple weapons including long
rifles and shotguns" - How could a gaunt 100 lb Lanza carry all of that
gear himself with 9 30 round magazines and two hand guns ?
9. Reporter indicated that there were personnel disguised as Clergy-
Witness statements will immediately expose multiple shooters but they
are all silent - Natalie Hammond, Chris Manfredonia, Deborah Craparo
(the other wounded victim), Barbara Halstead.


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