Democratic Candidates Share Their Qualifications, Beliefs and Objectives

In their own words the Democratic candidates reach out to share with voters their qualifications, beliefs, and objectives.

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Thank you for your kind considerations.


It is with great enthusiasm and equal humility that I announce my candidacy for the Board of Selectmen. For 10 years I have had the honor to serve the Newtown community on the Board of Finance. For those ten years I have served in the leadership role as Vice-Chairperson. My tenure included making tough decision in both prosperous and trying economic times. I am proud to say that I established a reputation for education advocacy combined with fiscal discipline. Education is America's natural resource that has historically made us the world leader in ingenuity, research and development, stable democracy, and economic prosperity. Indeed, presently this leadership is being tested to its core. At the same time, history teaches us that the vitality of a town, State, and country depends on fiscal strength. I have strongly advocated for caps on long term debt as demonstrated in Newtown's Capital Improvement Plan, and furthered my personal philosophy of paying for what you can afford now, not borrowing for what you can't afford later. After ten years on the Board of Finance I exercised my own self-imposed term limits. After that announcement I was approached by numerous Newtowners to consider another elected position, the Board of Selectmen. It was noted that from that position I could work on issues that I had always thought important to Newtown but outside the reach of the Board of Finance. Some of those include: 1) either through a Board of Selectmen directive or ordinance, have the Fairfield Hills Authority report financially to the Board of Finance, as well as the Board of Selectmen. The Town and Board of Education report to the Board of Finance on a monthly basis. I believe the FFH Authority should do so as well; 2) help move the previous Legislative Council Maintenance Ad Hoc Committee suggestions forward - these recommendations harvested invaluable information and recommendations as to cost savings, accountability, and economies of scale; 3) fashion a fiscally sound Town Budget and Town Capital Improvement Plan. 
When we look back at the role of the Board of Selectmen we have a pristine view of an old small town where the Board serves as a check on the Chief Executive officer, i.e., the First Selectman. It is important that we don't view the position of Selectman as a position of antagonism instead of constructive pluralism. The First Selectman is the Chief Executive Officer of the Town, but we should remember that our Town Charter places the administrative duties of the Town in the hands of the entire Board of Selectmen:
Section 3-20(a) The Board of Selectmen shall generally supervise the administration of the affairs of the Town, except those matters which by the General Statutes or this Charter are exclusively committed to the Board of Education or other departments.
(b) The Board of Selectmen shall be responsible for coordinating the activities of all the departments of the Town and for reviewing the present and future needs of the Town. It may, by resolution or regulation, require such reports and joint meetings as may be useful in the performance of its duties.
The role of each Selectman is not only to check, but to work for the Town proactively in effort to move the Town business forward.
In addition to the Policy and Objectives discussed above, of equal import is an examination of past work that demonstrates my proven ability to fulfill the Promises. Aside from referencing my curriculum vitae, allow me to point to four important leadership roles where I constructively worked with others - no matter what political Party, thought outside the box, and got the job done.
In 1996, after nearly fifteen years of effort to pass a Borough of Newtown Historic District which had failed by less than a handful of votes each time (three previous votes) it was my idea to create the Historic District that included only the properties that wished to be included. The vote passed. The Historic District was enacted, ten years later, by popular request, the District was expanded and the Borough of Newtown Historic District, now also part of the National Register of Historic Places contains nearly 85% of the properties originally proposed. Over the past fifteen years the District has been an important preservation tool.
Around the same period when sewers were being installed the WPCA proposed putting the sewer line down the historic sugar maple tree line of Main Street. Every tree would have been uprooted or lost. I proposed, wrote, and helped pass the Borough Tree Ordinance that protected these Newtown's treasures. As a result, the WPCA, instead of open trenching, bore pipeline under the trees and roots, thus preserving them. The cost for the new engineering was consistent with that of the originally proposed oven trenching.
I was intricately involved in establishing Newtown's Health District. The State of Connecticut, to encourage economies of scale encouraged municipalities to consolidate individual Health Departments into regional Districts. The State provided financial incentives to do so. The Town of Newtown and Borough of Newtown established the first Town Health District, secured economies of scale, and received hundreds of thousands of dollars from the State for doing so. I wrote the working regulations between the municipalities. There were numerous complex issues that were successfully worked through.
Of course there were many dedicated people also involved in all the above examples. For example, there were more than thirty people involved in laying the groundwork for the original Historic District votes. A host of persons were involved in saving the Main Street Historic Tree line, including, but not limited to the Borough Warden and Board of Burgesses. Joan Crick and Jim Smith must also be given extensive credit for their tireless work in founding the Health District, as well.
Finally, as Warden of the Borough of Newtown for the past five years, though on a smaller scale than the town, I have experience as the chief executive of a municipality. The position requires one to not only lead, listen and learn, but also to be vigilant for new ideas to effectuate better, not necessarily more government. As the Executive Officer I have already put together five budgets. The Borough mill rate has remained virtually unchanged for the past four years, and is presently at a historic low. Good government service and sound fiscal responsibility are not mutually exclusive. 

Thank you for listening.

Very truly yours,
Jim Gaston                                         

                                         JAMES O. GASTON, Sr.
                                              18 Main Street
                                               Newtown, CT 06470
                                               H: (203) 426-2500
                                              W: (203) 334-1656
                                          e-mail  okjt@aol.com   

FAMILY:          Wife – Stephanie   Children – Tara 23; Jimmy 21; Kelley 17; Owen 15 

RESIDENT:      Since 1991

BORN:               Birmingham, AL   1959

EDUCATION   College – Lehigh University 1980   
Double Major - Finance/Economics (Emphasis Public Finance)
Minor              - Government

Juris Doctorate – Duquesne University School of Law 1983

Board of Finance  2001 – Present  (Vice-Chairperson)
Warden, Borough of Newtown  2007- 
Board of Burgesses, Borough of Newtown  1993 - 2007 
             (Senior Burgess 2001-2007)
Family Counseling Center – Board of Directors (1992-2000)            
                                                          (Vice Chairperson -1999-2000)
School - HVAC Committee  2001
Western United Extreme, Inc. –  Non-profit - Girl’s Premier Soccer Club – Founder, Board Member 2004 - present
Democratic Town Committee - Newtown

           Connecticut Bar Association 
                          Board of Governors  1993 – Present
                          House of Delegates  1992 – Present
                          Executive Committee – Litigation Section 1986 – Present
                                                    Chairperson Litigation Section 1996-1999
                          Client Security Fund Committee  1993-1997
                          Court – Legislature Liaison Committee  1997-Present
                          Nominating Committee  2000 – 2006, 2008-2010
Connecticut Trial Lawyers Association
Board of Governors  2010-Present
People’s Law School Committee – Founder/Chairperson 1988- 2004
Expert Data Bank – Founder – Chairperson 1990-1993
Legislative Committee 1998-2005
Continuing Education Committee 1990-1992

Trial Lawyers for Public Justice – State Coordinator  1990-1994

Connecticut Bar Foundation – Life Fellow, James W. Cooper Fellowship

“Super Lawyers” – Selected top 5% of all Lawyers in Field in State of Connecticut  - Published in Connecticut Magazine, February 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010, 2011

             Law Offices of James O. Gaston   
              239 Golden Hill Street
              Bridgeport, CT 06604



An honors graduate of Columbia Law School and The George Washington University, is admitted to practice in the States of Connecticut, New York and Florida and has been engaged in the private practice of law for the past 45 years. He is currently a partner in the law firm of Freedman & Gersten, LLP, with offices in Newtown Connecticut, New York City and Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey.

Mr. Gersten practices primarily in the areas of corporate, tax, securities, finance and real estate law (both domestic and international) with an emphasis on mergers and acquisitions, private placement of debt and/or equity capital formation transactions, corporate and business counseling and planning (including crisis management), institutional secured real estate and accounts receivable financing and financial restructuring (both informal and through Chapter 11 proceedings). Substantially all of his work is "transactional" in nature and requires the application of multiple skill sets as a transaction moves from planning, structuring, negotiating, financing and documenting to ultimate implementation.

After starting his career as an associate and then partner of a boutique wall street law firm he continued his practice individually while expanding his activities to include chief operating and chief financial officer roles at both a public and private independent oil and natural gas production company and a staffing company. He has drafted "gaming" legislation for adoption, by referendum, in the States of Maine, Idaho, Alaska and the District of Columbia; and is presently engaged in the restructuring of an extensive group of financial service, real estate and gaming companies situated in Southeast Asia..

He has served for the past four years as a member of the Newtown Board of Finance; and served for six years as the President or Treasurer of Rock Ridge Country Club in Newtown. Mr. Gersten lives with his wife Debra in Newtown. He is a fiscally responsible Democrat and was active in the presidential campaigns of John F. Kennedy and the senatorial and presidential campaign of Robert Kennedy.

Feel free to contact Martin if you have any questions.

James Gaston Jr - BOARD OF FINANCE

JAMES OWENS GASTON, JR. 18 Main Street, Newtown, CT 06470

The Board of Finance plays an important role in our Town and as a Board Member I will bring a unique perspective to the position. 
          As a 22 - 23 year old holding the office, my viewpoint will compliment those at the opposite end of the age spectrum.  Our country has consistently recognized the importance of balancing youth with age, Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, our own State Representative, Chris Lyddy.  Seeing things from a different vantage point helps complete representation for all Newtowners. 
          I believe in Excellence par none.  As a three time All-American swimmer, I know what it means to commit oneself to a goal.  There are no shortcuts to success.  Hard work and dedication gets the job done.  You have my commitment that I will dedicate myself to be the very best of the best on the Board of Finance, to know the issues inside out, and represent you tirelessly.  
          I have the knowledge and skills to fulfill the work.  My mathematical skills are exceptional.  My major in college is in Financial Mathematics and Statistics.  I can tell you why certain  school enrollment projects are statistically unsound and of no great value.  I know some people don't want to hear that, but if we are going to rely on mathematics, let's rely on statistically valid mathematics, i.e. probability, not speculative "projection". 
          The Town and Board of Education have important needs.  Taxpayers also have important needs.  Having attended one of the top swim and academic high schools in the Country, I see what works and is important, and the relative costs.  Likewise, town services are essential to all.  Balance is the key.  For me, "frugal" is the word.  That doesn't mean cheap, and it doesn't mean liberal.  It means disciplined and conscientious of cost.  As you have heard my father say before, it means "paying for what you can afford now, not what you can't afford tomorrow!" 
          As your representative on the Board of Finance I will have more time than most to commit myself to the work.  I am presently on college sabbatical after two shoulder surgeries that have, in essence eliminated my D-1college swimming career.  I had a great freshman year and still have some top 20 All-Time distance times for UCSB.  But I won't give up athletics.  Even when life sets you back, it's important to persevere!  I am presently training for the Racing the Planet - 4 Desert Races - Marathons.  In two years I will finish my Senior year (and hopefully the economy will approve then, as well).  
          If you have any question, please don't hesitate to contact me at my e-mail swimjim11@gmail.com.

          Thank you!  I won't let you down!


                                                                   Jimmy Gaston


Racing the Planet - Training 
                        4 Desert Race - Marathon +   4 Different Continents                       
University of California at Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara, CA   Expected Graduation May 2014 
                        Junior Status - Two Year Sabbatical to Train for 4 Desert Race - Racing the Planet

Bachelor of Science in Financial Mathematics and Statistics, GPA- 3.23, Dean's Honors

 The Bolles School, Jacksonville, FL    Graduated May 2008 

  • GPA 3.68 First & Second Honors (10,11)


  • University of California at Santa Barbara Men's Swim Team  2008-2009 1st top time in 500 Freestyle, 4th top time Big West Conference (4:27.08 Big West Championships)  second best top time in 1000 Freestyle, 5th top time Big West Conference (9:12.97 Big West Championships) second best top time in 1650 Freestyle, 8th best top time Big West Conference (15:45.69 Big West Championships)  Academic All-American Team Honors Fall 2008 Quarter
  • Sigma Alpha Lambda National Leadership & Honors Organization Member since July 2009
  • The Bolles School Varsity Swim Team Lettered 10, 11, 12th grades. National Interscholastic Swimming Coaches Association 2007-2008 All-American; 500 Freestyle, 200 Freestyle, 400 Freestyle Relay. Florida Times-Union's All-First Coast Team; 2006 Second Team, 2007 First Team, 2008 First Team
  • Bolles Sharks USS Swim Team 10, 11, 12th grades, Southeast Sectional Qualifier Short Course 2006, 2007, 2008
  • Wilton Y Wahoo USS Swim Team 9, 10, 11 (summers) Member of National Team, YMCA National  Qualifier - Short Course 2005 (Team placed 1st), Long Course 2004, 2005 (Team placed first), Northeast Sectional Qualifier Long Course 2006


  • Relay for Life American Cancer Society (10, 11)
  • Open Mile Swim, Madison, CT (9, 10) to benefit the American Heart Association; placed 2nd and 1st in age group.
  • Madison, CT Triathlon (9, 10) to benefit the American Heart Association; placed 2nd and 2nd in age group
  • The Newtown Scholarship Association, Inc. - assisted at golf tournament of non-profit organization helping to raise money for need based scholarships (9, 10, 11)

                      Assistant Swim Coach - Santa Barbara, California 
Music - Stand up Bass, Bass Guitar & Acoustic Guitar 
Computers - building and repairing 



10 year incumbent with empoyed in the financial investment field




  • Family: Wife, Elaine. Two children, Matthew (age 10) and Eddie (age 4)
  • Resident of Newtown for 12 years  -  148 Currituck Rd
  • Education:  BS in Business Administration and Marketing Science from the 
    University of Connecticut
  • Member of St. Rose of Lima Church
  • Contact me with any questions or comments! (email:Lundquist.Paul@gmail.com)

What I Intend to Contribute to the Legislative Council:

  • Understanding public sentiment and giving my professional all to earn their trust is what I am about.  I am a creative and disciplined thinker who is adept at taking on and breaking down complex issues.  I am a team player who can synthesize facts, and identify commonalities of opinion across diverse groups.  There is both a functional and emotional component to this approach, and it adds a human element to what might otherwise be intensely analytical work.
  • I believe there is an abundance of good intention among Newtown’s elected officials, but a shortage of trust and cooperation.  In this time of economic challenge and uncertainty, the need to be fiscally conservative with the spending of our local tax dollars is a uniting theme.  But uncertainty and distrust is amplified when the public doesn’t understand the Why’s and How’s of the Legislative Council’s decision making processes. 
  • I endeavor to always base decisions on facts and data, with clear rationale to frame the outcome so that the path from Point A to Point B is clear to anyone who cares to understand. 
  • I believe that with the public’s understanding of how and why decisions are made, it is possible – even in times of economic challenge – to support investment in the long-term goals and interests of our community   This includes continued development of the Fairfield Hills campus, commercial and economic development to help generate future tax revenue, maintenance of town infrastructure, and responsible investment in education.

Service to Newtown

2010/2011 Fairfield Hills Master Plan Review Committee

  • Chair of Public Participation and Community Engagement Subcommittee

2009 Legislative Council (appointed July ’09)

  • Co-Chair Board of Education and Municipal Facilities Management Subcommittee

2008/2009 Board of Education liaison for Hawley School PTA Executive Board 

  • Duties included attending all BOE meetings, creating reports summarizing relevant topics in order to keep Hawley (and other PTAs) informed, and particularly during the budget season, deliver critical information ahead of the natural weekly news cycle or publishing of the BOE meeting minutes.

2007/2008 Survey of Newtown Residents (“The Way Things Are in Newtown”)

  • Volunteered my time and my firm’s resources to survey a statistically representative sample of Newtown households on a range of topics affecting the town and its residents.  Project was completed pro bono, at no expense to the town.
  • Project was run completely independently, outside of the town government, although input and consensus was sought from a wide range of organizations, including the Board of Selectmen, Legislative Council, Economic Development Commission, Newtown Parks and Recreation, Newtown Youth and Family Services, Newtown Senior Center, The Pootatuck Watershed Association, WeCan, Friends of Fairfield Hills, The Newtown Bee, and individuals from various school PTAs. 
  • Successful management of the project was achieved through attendance at the majority of Legislative Council meetings throughout 2007 and early 2008.

Professional Profile

  • I am President of Harrison Group, a strategic marketing consulting and research services firm (started in Newtown!).  I serve as a senior advisor to clients in a range of industries, most notably high tech, interactive entertainment, media, telecommunications and consumer packaged goods. 
  • I am passionate about understanding the voice of the public and addressing their needs accordingly.  My strengths lie in communication, project management, presentation skills, statistical analysis, and cross-functional team and supplier management.
  • Prior to starting Harrison Group, I was Research Director at Yankelovich Partners, and before that spent two years as a freelance graphic designer.





Newtown High School, Class of 1975

American Academy McAllister Institute of Funeral Service, New York City, 1981


Licensed Funeral Director at Honan Funeral Home since 1983 following 2 year apprenticeship.
Sole Proprietor of Honan Funeral Home since 2007 after retirement of my father.
Hold memberships in the Connecticut and National Funeral Directors Associations.

Community Service:

Hook and Ladder Volunteer Fireman for 17 years.
Past member and Chairman of the Newtown Board of Fire Commissioners.
Newtown Rotary Club since 1988. President 1993-1994.
Newtown representative on the Board of Directors of Housatonic Area Regional Transit (H.A.R.T.) since 1998. I currently serve as Secretary of the Board.


Spouse Colleen D. Honan; 2 grown children Eileen and Patrick, both graduates of Newtown School System.
Lifelong communicant of St. Rose of Lima Parish, longtime usher and assistant sexton of St. Rose Cemetery.

Awarded St. Augustine Medal by Bishop William Lori for service to St. Rose of Lima Parish in 2007.

Daniel T. Honan
60A Main Street
Newtown, CT 06470
203 426 0714



I am a candidate for the legislative council from the Second District.  I've long had an interest in the governance process, beginning with my time as a legislative aide, addressing intergovernmental relations, population, public health and environmental issues.  In my roll as Borough Counsel and my profession as an attorney, I've been able to bring my analytical and problem-solving skills to bear on some of Newtown's most pressing problems and greatest opportunities, most recently in the fight to save Newtown's only public drinking water source, the Pootatuck Aquifer, from irresponsible exploitation.  I hope to continue that through the legislative council.

Education and Experience

- Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, Villanova University, 1966
- Juris Doctor degree, 1971, University of Denver
- Legislative Aide, Colorado House of Representatives, 1968-1970, Land Use/Population/Public Health/Environmental Issues
- Attorney, Legal Services Corporation, 1972-1973. where, among other clients, I represented the patients at Fairfield Hills in their fight for a patients' bill of rights
- Public Defender, Danbury, 1973-1978
- Private practice of law, 1980-present, where I primarily handle land use, individual rights and civil and criminal litigation in Connecticut and Federal courts.

Public Service

- Borough of Newtown Counsel, 1993-present
- Counsel, Newtown Charter Revision Commission, 1987
- Town Meeting Moderator
- Past Chairman, Connecticut Criminal Defense Lawyers Association


I live at 8 Budd Drive in Newtown, with my wife, Claudia.  If you have questions or comments you would like to share, you are welcome to reach me at 203-426-8889 or by email.




The Legislative Council will benefit from my unique problem solving skills and my receptiveness to the ideas of others.


My wife Donna and I are the parents of two college students - Sarah Elizabeth and Jessica Anne
Veteran - US Navy (Submarines)
Twenty-five year town resident


Albertus Magnus College - New Haven, CT 
Master of Business Administration 2009
Master of Science Management 2008
BS, Business Management, Cum Laude 2006
AS, Business Management 2005

Professional Experience:

Technology and Construction Project Manager (domestic and international)
College Professor (Albertus Magnus, ECSU, NVCC and Quinnipiac University)
Information Technology Management

Public Service:

Vice Chair Newtown Public Building and Sites Commission; Newtown Middle School Roof replacement
Computer Project Consultant for Newtown Police Computer systems (1999-2000) Y2K conversion, streamlined and improved operations




I am a candidate for the Legislative Council because I have a strong interest in serving Newtown. I have had long careers as an educator and as an officer in the National Guard. These have both been excellent experiences and have provided me with skills needed for working effectively as a member of a team. I wish to make a contribution to our community through participation in town government.

Professional Experience:
  • School Library Media Specialist, Stamford Public Schools
  • Major (Ret), Field Artillery, CT Army National Guard
  • UniServ Field Rep Intern, Connecticut Educational Association
  • Spouse - Susan Boritz
  • Two grown children – Eli and Aliza
  • Two grandchildren - Alma and Charlotte
  • Have lived in Newtown since 1996
  • 1971 BA Degree, State University of NY at Stony Brook
  • 1974 Master of Library Science, SUNY at Buffalo
  • 1976 Founding Member, CT Educational Media Association
  • 1990 Certificate of Advanced Study, Fairfield University
  • 1991 Technology Leadership Institute, Wesleyan University
  • 1998 ThinkQuest Junior Coach, Roxbury School, Stamford PS
  • 2003 Creative Classroom Mini Grant Award, Roxbury School
  • 2006 Highly Qualified Teacher Certification, Stamford PS



Theme: I Care About Newtown

As a lifelong resident of Newtown, I care about Newtown and want what is best for all of its residents, and that is why I am running for re-election to the Legislative Council, District 3. I have seen Newtown evolve from a more rural “small town” into more of a “bedroom” community, with many residents commuting to other areas to work. This residential growth has increased enrollment in our schools and intensified the demand on town services, resulting in an ever-increasing property tax burden on residents. Given the economy and declining school enrollment projections, now is the time for the town to hold the line on taxes, especially on the town budget. If elected, I will work for the taxpayers of Newtown to be sure that we are not spending on items that are “wants” and not “needs.” 

As a small-business owner in town, I often hear directly from residents about the things they want and do not want to see happen in our town. I am proud to give their thoughts and opinions a voice in our town government.

Often, we compare ourselves to towns of similar size—and use that as justification for pay scale or projects people perceive as “need” to be done. While this is one measure for comparison, we are not asking what the comparable tax burden is of those same towns, what tax revenue they get from their commercial base, or other questions that may influence what other towns do or provide. The only question we should be asking ourselves is how can we improve as a town: For example, now that we have the Fairfield Hills Planning Authority document, we should look to the future to try to develop the property according to the wishes of the residents, but only as far as our means allow, so that our grandchildren are not burdened with massive debt they will have to repay. I also hope to look at better use of technology to increase the productivity of our town employees if re-elected as a member of the Legislative Council.

I am running as a Democrat because I believe in a “Return to Reason.” We need to work together with other political parties to deal with issues upcoming issues, such as the possibility of closing a school as enrollment declines, or developing Fairfield Hills in an affordable way to benefit the entire community. I will work hard to look at all the factors that Newtown has to work with, and make decisions that best meet the needs of our town while still staying within the means of our community.

Daniel J. Amaral
41 Elm Drive.
P.O. Box 445
Newtown, CT 06470
Phone: (day) 203 426-4427
(evening) 203 426-6038

Family info:
Married 47 years to my wife, Carol
Three daughters (2 reside in Newtown) and four grandchildren 
Newtown resident for 70 years
Education: Newtown High School class of ‘59
New Haven College class of ‘63
BS in Industrial Administration
Employer: President, Amaral Motors Inc.



 Longtime resident of Newtown

5 Term Board of Selectmen


Married, Children    





B.A. Major: Liberal Studies, Minor:  Special Education Southern CT State 1994
MSW, Focus on Administration and Planning, San Francisco State University 1998
            Recipient of the Graduate Student Award for the School of Social Work
MASPED, Focus on Learning Disabilities, San Francisco State University, 2004
Education Leadership Program at Sacred Heart University, 2010

School Credentials

Intermediate Administration and Supervision
School Social Work
Pre-K to 12 Special Education
Highly Qualified under NCLB for English 9th to 12th grades

Professional Memberships

Phi Delta Kappa for Educational Leadership 
Council for Exceptional Children

Community Involvement

Member, Newtown Board of Education Strategic Planning Group:  2008-2009
Commissioner, Newtown Charter Review Commission:  2010
Coach, Newtown Youth Soccer Club, Girls Recreation League: 2009-Present


Currently the Coordinator of Special Education for the Stratford School District
7 years as a high school Special Education teacher in CT
3 years as a middle school Special Education teacher in CA
20 years of service in non-profit agencies serving children and adults with disabilities.

Military Experience

Connecticut Army National Guard member, honorably dischared in 1992. Served as a Heavy Anti-Armor Weapons Infantryman then as a Combat Medic.

Contact Eric Paradis or read what his campaign is about.

Eric Paradis for Newtown BOE 2011


As a Newtown resident since 1968, I have always felt that it is important to have a former educator from the district sitting on the Board of Education.  With thoughtful consideration and after consultation with several educational and elected professionals, I submit my name as a candidate for a seat on the Board of Education in Newtown.

Having taught in the Newtown Public Schools for 35 years, I bring to the table a wealth of knowledge about the philosophy of the district and how it could be implemented.  For the first 17 years of my teaching tenure, I taught science (and then math and science) in a homogeneous cluster setting that proved to be enormously rewarding for both the children and my colleagues. For the next eighteen years I worked with intellectually gifted children in the Discovery Program—grades 4-8   and for four years in grades 9-12 as well; another challenge resulting in my keen understanding of what I considered a “misunderstood” population. It was from this position that I retired in 2003 to build and operate the Dana-Holcombe House.  With the many community and celebratory events taking place at the Dana-Holcombe House, I am able to understand the pulse of the town in terms of perceptions of the Newtown School system.

“Every child can and will learn well.”  A mantra chanted but not true to its words.  Some will say because I was so invested in the gifted child that my “hidden” agenda will be this population.  I would be lieing if I said that their affect and education is not important to me. Of equal importance to me is the child who sits in a heterogeneous classroom and complains that his/her needs are not being met.

The major Special Education issues that face this new board are complex. My knowing what I know, going to the correct source, and asking the right questions that need to be asked can hopefully enable the system to move forward in a positive direction.  Those who know me will attest to the fact that I leave no stone unturned. I was always passionate about my role in the classroom; I am confident that I can reinvent this passion on the Board of Education.

The concerns of this mega million dollar educational business presents questions and answers that can be facilitated by someone who knows where to seek correct solutions to serious problems.  While the truth hurts at times, it must be heard and NO positive progress can be made without it.  One should strive always to raise the bar.  My students heard this message in their sleep.  We are in a society where complacency breeds incompetence and stagnates the mind. I look forward to having a positive influence on our schools.

I want to serve the community because I am proud of what I have done and care very much about what takes place in our schools and community. I realize it is time to give back to a school system that has given so much to me in the past.  I look forward to serving the community with patience, compassion, open mindedness, honesty, and dedication.

After having renovated the former Mary Hawley Inn (now the Inn at Newtown), Jane Dana Vouros, my wife and 35 year Newtown School System Physical Education teacher, and I  built the Dana-Holcombe House where we currently reside with Tai and Annie, our two Shiatsus, welcoming guests from all over the world.   The historic Main Street landscape is now completed.  Who ever said that dreams do not come true?


John Vorous
The Dana-Holcombe House
29 Main Street




I am a candidate for the Board of Education because I feel my background as an educator for 35 years as a high school English teacher as well as my experiences for the past eight years as an editor for Yale post docs, faculty, and graduate students has given me a perspective and insight into local, national, and international educational issues that will benefit our Newtown school system.

Professional Experience: 
  • English teacher, Masuk High School
  • Basketball coach, freshmen, Masuk High School
  • Baseball coach, freshmen, Newtown High School
  • Editor, Grammar Man Services, New Haven
Public Service:
  • Burgess, Borough of Newtown
  • Band parent officer, Newtown High School
  • Moderator, Jaycees, FFH Book Club
  • Baseball coach, Newtown Little League
  • Basketball coach, Saint Rose youth basketball
  • Umpire, Newtown men’s softball
  • Choir member, Saint Rose of Lima
  • Newtown resident, 43 years
  • Spouse, Roberta Shea; Children,  Megan and Daniel, Jr., both K-12 in Newtown School System
  • Fordham College graduate
  • Crystal Apple Award, Monroe school system
  • Jaycees, Jaycee of the Month award

You can email Dan or write him at

44 Queen Street
Newtown, Connecticut





I am excited to be a candidate for the position of Police Commission. It has been a long time passion of mine to serve the community in which I live. Calling Newtown home for almost 5 years it is now time to give back. My education and current career as a local realtor coupled with my past successes in the business world have honed a systematic approach to problem solving while keeping a keen eye on objectives. My hope is that my experiences and success thus far will prove invaluable to Newtown as it ventures forward with great promise in uncertain times.

Professional Experience:

Realtor, Coldwell Banker - Rated as one of the top 50 realtors on the rise by Real Estate Magazine in 2008.
National Sales & Marketing Manager - Scholastic Inc
National Account Manager - The Lucks Food Decorating Company
Business Development Consultant; Various Companies

Community Involvement

International Volunteer: Lima, Peru
Youth Football Coach-Town of Bethel
Various Holiday Adopt-A-Family Programs


Married to Newtown native Jessica Tendler Sachs with a wonderful daughter, Emily Sachs.
In-Laws are Bob & Deb Tendler


Masters of Public Administration; The Rockefeller School at SUNY Albany (2005)
BA, Politics & Speech Communication: Ithaca College, (2002)
2007 Coldwell Banker Rookie of the Year
2008 Real Estate Magazine "National 50 Agents on the Rise"
2008,2009,2010 Coldwell Banker Sterling Society



I am a candidate for the Police Commission and believe through my professional and personal experience with law enforcement and working with prosecutors on behalf of crime victims, I can contribute to the supervision and oversight of our police services in Newtown and help maintain the safety of our community. 

Through my firm’s 10% Philosophy, where 10% of every case fee is donated to charitable causes, I am proud to support programs that provide education and understanding within the community and help those who may not otherwise have a voice in society or the civil justice system. In addition to donating to over one hundred charitable organizations, Stratton Faxon has raised over a half million dollars for legal aid in Connecticut.

Professional Experience:
  • Founding Partner, Stratton Faxon Law Firm, New Haven, CT,   2003–present
  • Partner, Koskoff, Koskoff & Bieder, Bridgeport, CT, 2003
  • Legal Research Clerk to T. Clark Hull, former Lieutenant Governor and Supreme Court Justice
  • Board Certified Civil Trial Attorney, National Board of Legal Specialization
  • Handles police training and enforcement cases throughout New England and New York
  • Consults with experts in police training and tactics throughout the country, including James J. Fyfe, former Commissioner in charge of officer training, NYPD
Public Service:
  • Contributing Sponsor and Current Member of MADD’s State Operations Council
  • Contributing Sponsor and Current Member of the Stratton Faxon New Haven Road Race Board of Directors, as well as Current Sponsor of the Stratton Faxon Danbury and Fairfield Road Races
  • Sponsor of the Newtown Booth Library Thanksgiving Turkey Trot 5K Road Race
  • Member, American Association of Justice (AAJ) Leader’s Forum
  • Member, Trial Lawyers for Public Justice
  • Sponsor of Newtown Stratton Faxon Babe Ruth Baseball Teams
  • Founding Sponsor, Flagpole Radio Cafe

 My wife Carolyn and I are the parents of three children – Julia (13, NMS), Christopher (11, RIS) and Connor (7, Hawley School)

  • Recipient of MADD’s Community Champions Corporate Award, 2009
  • Recognized as a Super Lawyer by the publishers of Connecticut Magazine, 2006–2012
  • AV-Rated Lawyer 8 consecutive years
  • Listed among the Top 30 personal injury lawyers in the state and the 100 Best Lawyers in New England




Being retired I wish to devote my energies into that portion of town government where I feel I can make a positive contribution. P&Z requires a strong knowledge of numerous regulations which I have.  Being associated with P&Z for over ten years my objective on P&Z has always been to allow as much freedom as possible with land use unless it conflicts with the rights of ones neighbors and to keep the character of the town a New England model .

Professional Experience:
  1. BS in Mechanical Engineering/MS in Chemical Engineering & Computer Sience-U of Maine.
  2. Retired  design and flight test engineer/supervisor-Sikorsky Acft
  3. Army helicopter pilot-Vietnam. (Captain)


Community Involvement
  1. Past Member: FISH, Secretary Newtown Ambulance Corp.,
  2. Current Member: Vice Chariman of Planning & Zoning -10 Yrs
  3. Volunteer at Dorothy Day Soup Kitchen-18 yrs
  4. Volunteer at Friends of the Library-2 yrs
  5. Assist my wife in conducting the Newtown holiday Salvation Army Kettle drive.



Lived in Newtown 44 years with my wife Sylvia and have two grown sons.


Present Vice Chairman- Planning & Zoning



Office Planning and Zoning Alternate
Objectives Presently, I serve as this capacity for the Town of Newtown. As a 13 year resident of Newtown, I look to serve our community in positive means
As a Professional Civil Engineer and a past administrator for a large city in Westchester, New York, I have extensive knowledge of planning and zoning practices and will contribute to the Board by assisting them to make informed decisions.  
Professional Experience  City of White Plains (1960-1991) - Profession Civil Engineer - Various engineering positions within the Bureau of Engineering, Department of Public Works and retired as the Principal Engineer with responsibility for approximately 20 engineers/aids of varying responsibilities.  
City of Stamford (1953-1958) - Draftsman within the Urban Renewal Agency as well as the Planning and Zoning Commission.
E.J. Frattaroli Surveyor (1958-1979) - Rodman/Surveyor/Draftsman – Full/Part time

Education & Licenses 
University of Connecticut – B.S. in Engineering (1960)
Licenses – Professional Engineer
o          State of CT (Retired – In Force)
o          State of NY (Not Current)

Public Service 
Current Planning and Zoning Alternate
NY Air National Guard (Honorable Discharge 1969)
CT National Guard (Active Duty 1960-196e1)
Married – 3 children – 3 grandchildren
Hobbies – softball, golf, camping, woodworking, and handyman
St. Patrick Church (Redding, CT) – Actively participate in the Building Committee and the Annual Golf Tournament Committee.





I am a candidate for the Board of Assessment Appeals because I have a strong interest in serving our community and feel that I can make a contribution through participation in town government.
I seek to represent the people of Newtown fairly and objectively as a member of the Board of Assessment Appeals.  I will work closely with my fellow board members and the Assessor’s office to ensure that the residents of Newtown are fairly assessed on their real and personal property.  With over 30 years experience as a paralegal specializing in commercial and residential real estate and with 15 years as clerk to the Borough Zoning Commission and Borough Zoning Board of Appeals, I have gained excellent experience that will help me serve on the Board of Assessment Appeals.

Professional Experience:  
  • Paralegal for 30+ years for local area law firms concentrating in commercial and residential real estate, corporate law (1980-)
  • Clerk, Borough of Newtown Zoning Commission (1998-)
  • Clerk, Borough of Newtown Zoning Board of Appeals (1997-)
  • Real Estate Salesperson (Referral Agent), William Pitt Sotheby’s Real Estate (2006-)
  • Owner, Maureen’s Beach Getaways (2009-)
Public Service:
  • President, Newtown Village Cemetery Association, Inc. (2004-) (Secretary 1997-2004)
  • President, Newtown Country Club Realty Corp. (2009-) (Vice President 2007-2009)
  • Member, Newtown Parks & Recreation Commission (2009-)
  • Member/Fundraiser for Annual Hospice Breakfast, Newtown Chapter of Regional Hospice of Western Connecticut (2009-)
  • Past Member, Coalition for Suicide Awareness - Brookfield ACTS, Inc. (2009-2011)
  • Past Member, Family Counseling Center, Inc. (1996-1998)
  • Spouse - Cramer Owen
  • Born and raised in Newtown; attended and graduated from Newtown public schools
  • 12th Generation and direct descendant of John Glover, one of the first settlers of Newtown; daughter of James W. Crick, Jr. and Joan Glover Crick
  • Speaker at Brookfield ACTS event to the Brookfield community on mental health and suicide awareness (April 2009)
  • Paralegal Studies, Fairfield University



 I have been a resident of Newtown for 40 years. My wife, Nancy, and I reside at 36 Hundred Acres Road.

I am a licensed HVAC mechanic and worked in the commercial construction field before my retirement. I worked on new construction, maintenance, and replacement of equipment in schools, hospitals and numerous large buildings both "hands on" and in a supervisory capacity. 
I retired as Business Mananger/Financial Secretrary of Plumbers and Pipefitters Local 777. As Bus.Mgr./Fin. Sec. I served as co-chairman of the Board of Trustees for the Pension, Health and Annuity Funds, negotiated wages and benefit contracts and oversaw the Union's Apprenticeship program.

I have been active in Newtown and the State of Connecticut for many years and on various
levels. I have served on the Bridgeport and Danbury chapters of Habitat for Humanity, the North-western Workforce Investment Board, the State of Connecticut Codes and Standards Committeeand the Fairfield County Labor Council. I was formerly on the Executive Board of the State Building Trades and the Board of Directors of the United Way of Eastern Fairfield County. Currently I am President of the Danbury Cental Labor Council and Chairman of the Newtown Democratic Town Committee.

I have always been dedicated and involved in Newtown serving on various Boards and Commissions:

Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers Chairman 2010 - Present
Board Member 2006 - Present (consultant 6 mos.)
Public Building and Site Commission 2001 - Present
Economic Development Served maxium allowable term

I have received two acknowledgements for my involvement in Newtown of which I am extremely proud. Two years ago the Rotary Club named me a Paul Harris Fellow. Recently the Mary Hawley Society included my name on a plaque to be displayed in the Edmond Town Hall in recognition of my coordination and supervision of the renovation of the kitchen.

I am running for the Board of Managers because I would like to see the Edmond Town Hall be refurbished, maintained and utilized to its full potential. To date I have coordinated and supervised the new kitchen, coordinated and supervised the remodel of the space occupied by the Lathrop School of Dance, arranged for and coordinated the installation of a new air conditioning and heating unit for the Theater, air conditioned the Mary Hawley Room, arranged to have the boilers re-tubed (a fraction of the cost to maintain than to replace). Recently I arranged to have the ceiling tiles in the gym replaced and the ceiling and walls painted. The installation for new windows on the north side of the gym is out to bid now as well as bids have just been received for plaster repair in the Theater. There is still a great deal more to be accomplished before the Edmond Town Hall is what it once was and should be. I would like to continue to contribute to this.

I also believe that this building can be financially independent with proper management and its purpose should be flexible to serve the community in various ways. If this can be accomplished, the Edmond Town Hall would be a true asset to Newtown.

Please feel free to contact me - jtjuliano@aol.com
(203) 426-0065






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