To The Parents who lost loved ones at Sandy Hook

To Newtowns' grieving parents, I wrote this letter to you all on Friday night, as soon as I got home from work. I was asked to paste it in the blog to make it easily available to you.

December 14, 2012

The events of the day in Newtown Connecticut leave me
without words, and yet I am compelled to try to find the words for the sake of the parents who have suffered such grave losses.

I try very hard to live life believing that the world is an
inherently good place, but 2012 has been a year of so much ugliness, especially
for our nation as a people.

I would like to tell the parents of those little angels,
because that is what they are, that they must not have died in vain. It is the
responsibility of this nation and especially of the parents to make sure that
they are remembered.

I realize that right now the throws of grief are so very
strong, it is a knot in your stomachs that makes it impossible to even swallow
a bite of food. It is like a boulder tied to your chests making it practically
impossible to breathe. Sleep? What sweet dreams are you having right now?

And yet, you all will go on, you all will survive. How you
come through this on the other side will be entirely up to you. I hope and pray
in my heart that you will all take action in the names of your children. While
grieving is a necessary part of loss, it is equally important to decide that
you will go on for the sake of your son or daughter. You will continue to be
loving parents, loving spouses, loving family members, friends and neighbors.
You must continue to strive to be the best you can be even on the days when
your best just seems to fall so short. You may surprise yourselves and
accomplish things you would never have thought of before. And on that note, I
can tell you with conviction, that your little angel will always be by your
sides, until you are reunited once again. They will help you to make a
difference in these very confusing times in our world. It will be a work in
progress that takes a whole life time….

Please don’t be hard on yourselves, children love their
parents unconditionally and parents love their children unconditionally. There
is no greater love.

So, for all of you, I say: when your loss seems completely incomprehensible
 in the grand scheme of the world, I say you will receive answers, with the passage of time comes revelations. You will sort it out with lots of love and patience.

Please remember to care for each other and your children.
Everyone hurts and you all need one another to pull through. Your children need
you to parent them, they are just children after all. They will also be a
strong motivation for you to continue on. 
Thank God for them, they will continue to bring you joy. They will give
you strength, they will inspire.

I will pray for you every day, and if you would like to
e-mail me, please feel free to get in touch.

My Strongest Prayers for all of You,

Jessica Maue - Oakdale NY


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