Republican Caucus Chooses Chaudhary for Council Vacancy

A release from Legislative Council Chairman Jeffrey Capeci.


The following is an announcement from Legislative Council Chairman Jeffrey Capeci.

I am pleased to announce that the Republican Caucus of the Newtown Legislative Council has chosen Dr. Neil Chaudhary as the District 3 representative to succeed newly minted 106th State Representative Mitch Bolinsky.  The choice of Neil brings someone with an impressive resume detailing the hard work of an accomplished researcher of public policy.  I am convinced he will come to the meetings prepared and with an open mind.  Neil will listen to all perspectives and make data driven decisions that put what is best for Newtown at the top of his priorities.

“The appointment of Neil Chaudhary to the council helps fulfill a Republican goal of encouraging new, qualified candidates to serve Newtown. Neil showed leadership and well-reasoned thinking during his term on the Tick Borne Disease Committee. We're confident he'll be an important contributor to the council and I look forward to working with him," said Council Vice chair, Mary Ann Jacob.

I want to thank my fellow Republicans for taking another evening away from their families to deliberate this important decision.  District Three voters elected Mitch and Republicans took their charter mandated responsibility of finding his replacement seriously.  The caucus strove to find someone who shares our core values and is committed to satisfying the demands that come with membership on the Legislative Council.  I would also like to thank Tom Long who also volunteered for the position. While he was not ultimately chosen, I take comfort in knowing that he will continue touse his talents as a member of the Edmond Town Hall Board of Managers.  The board has accomplished much recently and will continue to benefit from his leadership as they find new, fiscally sound uses for the hallowed former seat of town government.  To formalize the appointment, a roll call vote of Republican council members will be taken shortly after Wednesday’s Legislative Council meeting is called to order.  Town Clerk, Debbie Aurelia, will swear Neil into office after the vote so he can participate in the meeting.

Sincerely,Jeffrey Capeci

Chairman, Newtown Legislative Council

Obi-wan December 01, 2012 at 09:34 PM
Hope you have a good flak jacket - IPN has you in the crosshairs


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