Fundraiser, Facebook Page Launch to 'Help Brooks Rebuild' After Fire

After Saturday night's fire destroyed a home in Sandy Hook, friends are uniting to raise money and help out.

A fire tore through a home on Algonquin Trail in Sandy Hook late Saturday night, gutting the house and leaving a family of seven displaced and in need of aid.

Now friends of Brooks Mather and his family are coming together to raise funds and put them back on the road to recovery.

Help Brooks Rebuild launched yesterday on Facebook to raise awareness. To support, join the Facebook page or contribute directly via a donation page set up for Mather and his family at Giveforward.com.

The page has already raised $1,315 to benefit Mather's family, but costs may be high. While firefighters from all Newtown departments responded to the blaze, very little remained of the house, which was "totally destroyed," according to fire officials.

"It went through like anything," Newtown Fire Marshal Bill Halstead said.

The Red Cross has provided immediate financial assistance for emergency food and clothing. Fortunately, said an organization spokesman, Paul Shipman, the family had a place to stay.


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