Dreams for Disney Facebook Page: Send Sandy Hook Children & Families to Disney

Please share and like the Dreams for Disney Facebook page. Send Sandy Hook Children and Families to Disney!

Dreams for Disney! Send the Sandy Hook Children and Families to Disney.

Hello, my name is Sarah.

I have created a Facebook page, “Dreams for Disney- Send the Sandy Hook Children and Families to Disney”, in honor of doing some good for those affected at the Sandy Hook Elementary school.

Two nights ago, I went to bed with 38 "likes" on this page. Tonight, as of 6:00pm ET on 1/3/12, I am proud to say I have over 700 "likes", and the number rises every minute!

The local press has been on my side, and my supporters and I have reached out to other media officials as well. With each number is another person supporting the ideas that inspired me to create this page.

My ideas were not for my own personal goals, rather, they were a tribute to those poor families, and also to Walt Disney himself. Walt started his journey with a dream to provide a place that was different from any other, he wanted people to "feel they're in another world", here "people actually live a life they can't find anywhere else" (direct Walt Disney quotes). The people affected- those who are willing- could use an escape from reality.

If only for a moment, these children should be able to feel as though they have a childhood again. Their childhood was taken from them far too early on that gruesome day. They will NEVER be the same. Just as our childhood memories live on through all of us, this memory will ultimately stay with them the rest of their lives. I could not imagine witnessing something so horrific, let alone being a child and witnessing it- could you? I shudder at the thought, as I am sure you do as well.

Why not lend a helping hand to these families? Those who are willing to go, to escape, why not offer this to them? I know without a doubt the Disney corporation can afford the funding, and if not I have plenty of supporters behind me already-and growing- that would be so kind and eager to help!

Please note:   I am not asking Disney to send the whole state to Disneyworld; I am not asking them even to send the entire community to Disneyworld. What I am asking the Disney Corporation to do is to send those affected in this tragedy, who are willing and able to go.

I am not stating to drag mourning families away from their homes to go on a vacation in which may be too painful for them to experience without their loved ones who died that day. I know firsthand that going on a vacation shortly after losing a loved one is not a vacation at all, but a reminder of something missing, a memory of what once was and never will be again.

What I AM asking is that Disney offer, the families-the WILLING families- a trip to a place where "dreams come true [and] magic lives". A place where I, myself, even as a teenager, found laughs within me that I never knew existed. A place where memories are created, imagination prevails above all else, and relationships are restored. The children, families, and staff members-those who are willing to go- deserve an escape from reality.

I am not saying that sending these families to Disney World will heal their pain, but maybe it will help these children deal with what they have experienced?  These children have witnessed things no one-not even adults-will ever see.  The pain from this horrific, mortifying event will never leave their memories, and will always cause them pain. No child should ever have to deal with what these children will bear for the rest of their lives.  The families, teachers, staff-the whole community of Newtown will never be the same. 

With the days that have passed after this horrific tragedy, Newtown has been on our minds and in our prayers. We have all cried mournful tears for these people- for the lives lost and for the victims saved, and mostly for these poor, innocent children.  These children have seen things that will change them.  Their innocence was taken away from them on that dark day.

What will happen to their childhood, the most important thing they will carry with them as adults?  Maybe we can help salvage some of this broken childhood by helping them escape to a place where they can play and imagine.  Where they can laugh, and smile, and possibly forget, if not but for a moment, December 14th.  Maybe this will help them cope.  They need some kind normalcy, where there is laughter and family and love.  A place where they feel SAFE.  What better place than Disney World?  These families need an escape, and we, as Americans, as their friends, CAN help them.

PLEASE like this page on facebook: www.facebook.com/sendnewtownvictimstodisney

The more likes the page gets, the closer it gets to become viral!  There
are so many pictures, sayings, etc.  on Facebook that become viral- some don’t even make any sense, but people like them anyway!  So why can’t something that is for a good, genuine cause become viral? My page’s supporters and I believe that it undoubtedly can!

Once you “like” the page, please don’t forget to share it with all of your Facebook friends! 
Spread the word as much as you can, so we can give these children and
families some hope for normalcy. Please and thank you!

I am not a politician.

I am not trying to be a “hero”.

I am not trying to gain attention for myself.

Nor am I a “fake”.

I am a citizen that has felt helpless for those affected up until now and has decided to do something about it. 

I am a substitute teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in Family Services and a minor in Psychology.

I am not trying to offend anyone by posting this, I hope there are no misunderstandings.  I am doing this to show that myself and my page's supporters care for the Sandy Hook victims and want to help.

I know the power of social media, and I am using it as an advantage to spread the word of this page.

I do not want people to believe I created it for my own benefit- I created it to help these poor families in a way I saw fit.  This page started with a simple idea, one in which I did not expect to spread as quickly as it has.  I am honored and ecstatic that this could really happen for these families.  I know if Walt Disney were here, he would most certainly make this happen for the families who were willing to go.  All I am asking for is an offer from Disney to these families.

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone coping and mourning during this horrifically heartbreaking time.  I truly hope that we can help these people try and gain back some normalcy into their lives.

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Yes, please note that that is not what I am trying to say here, as I know that would be completely inappropriate at a time of loss. I am simply trying to gain Disney's attention, so that they may offer every single family of Sandy Hook Elementary-and the staff- a trip, giving them the opportunity to turn down the offer or accept. Thank you for the support, please like and share the page so we can make this happen!
rick kulmann January 05, 2013 at 05:45 PM
Its an awesome thing you are trying to do and with enough people in support it can happen,i think it will be great for the kids and staff that went through this but on the other hand the people that lost a child may not accept going,to be in a theme park watching children havefun and smiling knowing their child is not around anymore willl upset them but it is their choice if they want to go,dont get me wrong i agree what your doing and the people affected need some time away -nobody will forget this tragedy. you have a big heart sarah
Than you very much, Rick! I do agree with you, it would definitely be painful for many of those people, and I have been concerned that those families may have been offended at what I am trying to do. Which is why I'm only asking Disney to offer each family a trip, so they do have that choice. However, I have received some positive responses from them, stating that they are very thankful for what I am doing! That motivates me to really make this happen! Thank you very much for the support and your kind words! I know we can do this if we work together!
GREAT NEWS! I just got off the phone with someone who read my e-mail to Disney. They were from ESPN, which is head quartered in Bristol, CT, which is very close to Newtown, only about 40 minutes away. ESPN is owned by the Walt Disney Corporation. She stated, "We have been communicating with school, government, and non-profit leaders about a variety of ideas and opportunites [to pursue] when appropriate." They are working things out with the Sandy Hook school, government, and non-profit organizations to make something happen! They want to react when appropriate, and were unable to explain what exactly they plan on doing, as there are SO many ideas filtering in every day! I will remain in contact with them in the future, so they know that we are here to work with them in any way possible to help them with whatever they decide! I will keep you posted, but as for now, THANK YOU everyone for helping make this cause known! It is GREAT to hear from an actual person, someone who has been near Newtown and spoken with Sandy Hook officials, instead of receiving the same letter over and over again. Please know, they are doing all they can to figure out a plan of how to help these families. Also know that these things take time to plan out, as they are keeping the feelings of these families their top priority. I hope the Sandy Hook families know that we are all keeping them in our thoughts and hearts during this tragic time.


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