Wishing Peace and Hope For Newtown

After reading about each one of the Newtown victims before bed, this is what came to me after sleeping on my thoughts. I feel compelled to share the message of hope.

December 15, 2012


Dear Citizens of Newtown, Connecticut and Families of the Newly-Graduated Angels,

I woke up today with you on my mind and wish that I could connect with each of you. Perhaps this message has divine intent. Don’t take this wrong, but I think you are special. None of us can see anything but horror in your situation; however there are those of us who know that there is a bigger picture we are not privy to. Just suppose.

The depth of your pain is something I can only pretend to imagine, but the world and I feel your battered spirits and your joyless souls. It is raining here, near Richmond, Virginia, and I woke up wondering what it is that you could possibly hold onto in your grief, besides the memories of your cherished loved ones. What might help you in your pain at what was to be a time of joyful celebration. I offer this perspective only out of love. Just suppose.

I am not one of those ‘believers’ who in any way thinks God would want to see his children suffer by delivering such wrath. That cannot be true of a loving God. Don’t believe that. But rather, suppose it is true that Heaven is a lively place of unimaginable joy; a joy that is constant and filled with loving energy where only happiness abounds. Life goes on there in that parallel Universe where your loved ones were called. If you look for signs from them, you will get them. It is our pain of separation that is so hard. Perhaps you will find comfort in a book written about a child’s experience called ‘Heaven is Real.’ I hope you do.

There is one more perspective I want to offer that may not resonate with you, but…. just suppose. Even if we have trouble believing that there is any God-given truth in the proposed wisdom of the ancient Mayan civilization and their calendar, I know there are those of us who feel something is afoot; the end of the world as we know it? You have already experienced that. According to research from the HeartMath Institute, there was a huge spike in the magnetic field of the earth on 9/11. They have concluded that the collective, compassionate love from caring hearts all around the world affected the earth in that way. Just suppose.

Could it be that more compassion and love is required at this time of new beginnings at the end of 2012 as heralded by the Ancients? Are your loved ones the chosen heroes, called upon as Angels to bring forth that compassion? That is what I want to believe; that, in a small place called Newtown, during a time when we celebrate new birth, an event occurred of huge proportions that would connect us all to special people in a state named Connecticut and remind us to love one another more deeply for the sake of the world. Just suppose.

I will personally celebrate the rebirth of all the precious Angels of Newtown, Connecticut with a vigil of continually-lit candles this Christmas Season in honor of and to remind me of your loved ones and your devastating loss.

God Bless each of you, and may some aspect of the Spirit that is Christmas find a place of joy, however small, in your hearts.  

In Loving Compassion,

Deborah Childs    

Midlothian, Virginia

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