Find Your Favorite Newtown Restaurant's Health Inspection Score

Look up inspection scores for Newtown establishments by business or by score.

The Newtown Health Department regularly inspects all the food-serving establishments in town — including restaurants, delis, bars and markets with prepared food — to ensure safety standards are being upheld.

With the inspection comes a rank from 1-100, with points lost for various violations. Establishments with a score of less than 80 or with major violations is given a failing grade and a timetable to turn things around.

As of June 17, all Newtown businesses had a score over 80 and only 16 of 111 scoring under 90.

Use the database above to search for inspection dates and scores by establishment or sorted by score.

Contact the Newtown Health Department with questions about individual inspections and learn more about the process at the state Department of Public Health website.


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