Analyst Warns of Higher Gas Prices

Connecticut's gas prices dropped again, but this time at a much lower rate.


The pace of declining gas prices slowed somewhat in Connecticut, with a mere two cent drop recorded in the past week. The average price according to price tracking website GasBuddy.com is now $3.62, down from $3.64 a week ago.

 “Oil prices rose significantly last Friday, reversing a downward trend," said GasBuddy.com Senior Petroleum Analyst Patrick DeHaan, in a statement.

He added, “One thing is for sure- the yellow brick road won't be leading us to cheaper pumps for much longer, something many Americans will undoubtedly tie to the upcoming holiday."

As usual, Connecticut’s average is far higher than the national prices, which is listed at $3.37.  According to Gas Buddy, the Citgo station at 151 Main Street is the cheapest gas in town, at $3.65.

Out Door John July 03, 2012 at 02:20 PM
The analyst system should just keep quiet because whatever they say happens! The only reason why gas prices went up is some stupid analyst wasn't making enough money to power up their yacht for the summer so profits needed to be widened at the expense of the drivers in America!
G4Driver July 04, 2012 at 03:17 PM
So here I am visiting North Carolina and the price of regular averages $3.21 and here's one better I'm buying Premium for $3.61 or about .05 less than CT Regular. Plain and simple it's the taxes. When will the nuts realize who is doing this to us.


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