Two of Newtown's Hottest Dogs Make News

It's a Dog Meet Dog world out there, and Wrinkles and Gracie have had their fifteen minutes of fame.


Two of Newtown’s hottest dogs keep popping up in the news.  made her television debut on WCBS on Tuesday night.  After an interview with WCBS, FedEx spokesman promised to pay all of Gracie’s vet bills, which have totaled more than $5,000.

Wrinkles, the tiny pug/dachsund mix, and was returned to her family. Wrinkles made her television debut on WPIX the night she returned home.

After Wrinkles was shown on television, there was yet another twist in the pup’s plot.  Not far from where Wrinkles lives, the owner of another dog, who looks strikingly like her, contacted the Capeci family.  Below is her amazing email:

Dear Jeff And Tanya, 

I have been following your story about Wrinkles being missing and I am glad she is home. When I read about her return I noticed you live on Bears Hill Rd. I live right near there and had this funny coincidence happen. 

About a week before Wrinkles went missing I adopted a pug/dachsund mix myself. Her name is Sissy. After seeing a picture of Wrinkles, my parents were worried we had been duped and that we had adopted your dog. She is the same color, age, and size and we started spinning the idea that they might be sisters. I am writing this email because I just wanted to satisfy a curiosity, but if they were litter mates I wanted to propose getting them together since we live in the same community, Sissy's birthday is September 14th 2010 and is originally from Tennessee. What were the odds of two pug/doxies being on the same street. Anyway, I hope to hear from you and once again I am glad Wrinkles is home. 


Lauren Busser

Both dogs had been adopted through websites. Wrinkles was adopted by the Capeci family in February 2011 through PetFinder.com, while Sissy was adopted through Companion Pet Rescue.  Sissy had already been placed in two homes, one in Naugatuck which is where Busser went to get her.  The chances of the two dogs ending up on virtually the same street in Newtown must be very slim. 

On Friday,  the two families got the dogs together for meet and greet.  Sure enough, according to Tanya Capeci, the dogs had a sniff-fest and seemed to recognize each other.  Tanya said that usually Wrinkles is shy with other dogs, but as can be seen by the photos, they took to each other right away.  The family resemblance is startling. 

As Busser said, “It really is a small world. I can't believe that these litter-mates managed to end up within a mile of each other.”

The two dogs will be celebrating their second birthday later this week. 

jen m September 12, 2012 at 11:05 AM
How sweet and cute are these two!!
letsplay September 12, 2012 at 12:51 PM
What impressed me the most was how our community worked together to find wrinkles! Hope is such a precious gift.


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