'Thank You'

A note posted on the town's website thanks a variety of groups who have helped Newtown since 12/14.

Photo: Town of Newtown website
Photo: Town of Newtown website
This thank-you note was posted on the Town of Newtown's website Monday morning, credited to "a Community member."

The groups listed include a wide swath of groups, including those — like Sandy Hook Promise and Newtown Action Alliance — formed as advocacy groups in the aftermath of 12/14, as well as organizations like Ben's Lighthouse and Healing Newtown designed for healing and kindness. Some have served Newtown for years, like the Lions Club or C.H. Booth Library.

Some groups, like GE and the United Way, are not local but have strong local connections strengthened after the event. And some, like school staff, first responders and faith communities, are simply those who helped.

"This is not a complete list of organizations, but our thanks extends to every group that has helped our town and the families most affected by the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School," the note's creator adds. "This note of thanks is not an endorsement of all the organizations listed, but an expression of gratitude for the positive intentions and good hearts of everyone involved."


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