Kettletown Closed to Swimming, Eichler's is Opened

Town officials say bacteria levels have stayed low, allowing the swimming areas to remain open this season.

Tuesday due to elevated bacteria counts, though at Eichler's Cove, which also overlooks Lake Zoar, no such danger signs were found, town officials said, and the beach remained opened to swimming.

What a year makes.

after the water showed high levels of bacteria. So far this year, the water quality tests have come back clean, according to Newtown's Health District Director Donna Culbert. As a result, the swimming areas have remained opened all season long, at least so far.

"We have not had one high level," Culbert said of bacteria levels in water sample tests taken at Eichler's Cove as of this week.

Culbert said it's unclear exactly what caused the high bacteria levels last year but those issues don't seem to be present this year. One possibility is that officials have put more effort into curtailing Canada geese activity on the beach area, which also means less of their fecal matter ends up in the water, Culbert said. An abundance of fecal matter can result in high bacteria levels.

Since last year, the landscape of the cove also has changed. The town has demolished a house that once was occupied by the cove manager, whose contract with the town . Security guards have been hired in her place and now monitor the marina area.

Lisa Johnson August 21, 2011 at 02:42 AM
why can't there be any where good to swim?
Lisa Johnson August 21, 2011 at 02:42 AM
I miss the pool At Dickenson!


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