Have You Seen This Missing Cockatiel in Newtown?

Sookie has been missing since Wednesday night.

Have you seen Sookie? (Credit: Lisa Procaccini)
Have you seen Sookie? (Credit: Lisa Procaccini)
Newtown resident Lisa Procaccini reached out to us on the Newtown Patch Facebook page regarding her missing cockatiel, Sookie:

On Wednesday evening my bird (cockatiel) flew into our woods up in a tree about 100 feet high. She stopped calling to us when it started getting dark and I was hopeful she would still be there in the morning, but was not. We live in Sandy Hook near Lakeview Terrace and Bennett's Bridge. She is a very friendly bird that if seen would come to you. Her name is Sookie and I have attached a picture. Please help us and if you could spread the word I would be so grateful. Family is heartbroken.


Lisa Procaccini

Have you seen Sookie? Contact Lisa and let us know in the comments below! 


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