The Tragedy and Maybe a Solution

My thoughts on the Tragedy- should we act on them?

Below are just a few thoughts that I have regarding this most tragic event here in Newtown.

I am inclined to feel that media is not helping hit the answers that we are seeking. It’s not about the guns. Guns don’t kill people – people kill people with guns and knives and rope and pens and pencils and the stiletto heels of women’s shoes and poison and by all means of ways to meet their ends. Bottom line is people kill people – USING THE INSTRUMENTS THEY CHOOSE!

So, do we make more laws to not enforce???

Or do we look at what we need to do to change the world to stop the craziness.  Today’s youth do not recognize the sanctity of life as in past generations. They have become desensitized by the violence on TV and in the movies but even more so by the violent video games that have been bought by parents who unwittingly support the desensitization of the youths. The Kid had no feelings …he couldn’t have in order to kill babies. Yes these children were just babies!!

If we now do anything we need to look for the answer TOGETHER!  From the societal aspect of repairing this problem. We need to reach out together to stop the violence and adverse behaviors that we have become so accustomed to seeing thrown at us on a daily basis! Unity is going to be a major factor from this point forward as EVIL LOVES TO DIVIDE AND CONQUER.

We need to stand up for our children and cry out as one voice together – STOP!

Life is sacred and we cannot emphasize this enough with the youth of today who have become too desensitized by what has become the norm on TV and the Movies and Video Games. We have become so desensitized that we no longer are shocked at even foul language used in public or in conversation.

The sanctity of life has been lost in general and we need to re-discover it! Just look at those babies who were lost in Newtown. We all claim they are Angels after the fact. Why not before AND EVERYDAY! Why aren’t we all angels?? We are all created in God’s image so why aren’t we all viewed in the same sacrosanct way?

We need to stand together and push for and end to seedy side of what is and has been pushed down our throats, as if we do not know what is good for us! We need to do it NOW!!

We need to stand up arm in arm and fight back against those who push on us these ideas and ideals that have done nothing but divide us and harm us as a society, as families, as individuals. We need to say NO MORE! NOW! We need to do it now before the freedoms we take for granted are removed for our own good by governing bodies who know what is better for us than we do.


The Solution—

What we need to do is to share outwardly, the unifying message of the Judeo-Christian heritage that the founding fathers of this great country saw to bring forth a new nation, a God fearing people, who looked out for one another as has been done since God created man.  God handed down to Moses the 10 Commandments and the 3rd greatest commandment is to ”LOVE THY NEIGHBOR AS THY SELF” and when Jesus the Christ was asked, “who is my neighbor?”  He replied with the parable of the Good Samaritan. Like the Good Samaritan we need to look after one another regardless of race, gender or religion. We are all brothers and sisters with one heavenly Father.

This we ignore when we are FORCED to believe that what is acceptable to one must be acceptable to all. When we forced beyond what feel is acceptable then it is wrong for no one knows what is best for us than we the individual.

Why should we all be forced to listen or see vulgarity because it is the voice of one person or a small group? Who are they to deem what is best for your soul? No one but you, as the individual! No one should have that control of us. Those who represent the majority view of those who are in agreement with our point of view should be the influence we support. If something is deemed to be disgusting or vile or violent or if harm comes to someone and it is viewed as entertainment and this is not curtailed, then shame on us all!

We are responsible as a whole for allowing this point of view to become second nature to us through desensitization, by listening and following those individuals who poo-pooed those who saw the bad and stood up against the push at the start of the process. We sheepishly listened and followed those who lied to us by telling us that those who stood up were stodgy and old fashioned that the new way is to accept this as the norm because we have grown as a society we are beyond that stage of development and have moved forward.  Shame on us, for listening and following like sheep’s following the wolf in sheep’s clothing. 

But it’s not too late! No it is not! We can stop this now by putting our feet down now collectively and shouting at the top of our lungs STOP! We need to show our children starting in our homes BY EXAMPLE, with the Good Samaritan in in all of us. We need to start looking out for or brothers and sisters who are our neighbors here and there and everywhere we go! If enough of us stand together we can prevent further actions like these from happening anywhere and everywhere.

Think about it, what would have happened if we didn’t hear about whether that kid is a weirdo or not? If they are acting weird, love them show them you care. Listen to them show them the love that Christ showed us by dying for us and rising again help us to overcome the fears of the world around us? What would have happened had Jesus not removed the demons from the person who was found living in the cemetery that was shunned and hurt himself? What if, He had turned a blind eye? What if, He said oh what a freak? – But He didn’t! He saw the suffering soul, and felt compassion, and removed the demons. Can WE not do this?! Show compassion, for our neighbors, to prevent them from opening themselves up to the negative energies that drive people to do the EVIL that causes us ALL to suffer just as we have seen here in Newtown and in Colorado or in columbine? – Each of these souls was a tortured soul who did more than harm themselves they harmed a nation. How many of us cringed at the thought of the terror/horror that they incurred? This is that pain, that harm, felt in our souls.

Let us all never forget that we are made in the image of God. We are ALL His children. We need to act like His children by following the simple laws of living a just and happy life in Him, as He wants us to live. Why complicate living by adding to the simple rules?

Love one another – support one another – do not fear one another – help one another lend a hand – lend an ear, be open to give love on all levels and be open to receive love on all levels. But above all let us do it in UNISON. For united we can stand, hand in hand, with God as our Father. Nothing can stop us from bringing and uniting us together to live happier healthier lives. LOVE conquers ALL and there is NOTHING that can stop the love of our Loving Father. There is nothing that cannot be accomplished in His love.

Let us Love those who have suffered loss in this tragic event and let us stand together with them to make sure that nothing like this happens again because we look out for each other and accept each other in the love of God the Father for the betterment of our lives.





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